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‘Unforgiven’ is on. you ever seen ‘Unforgiven’? it’s pretty good. the rare, realistic western. Gene Hackman’s mean as shit.

I think I’m gonna try yoga. yes.
no, really, hear me out. I’m about as flexible as burnt toast. that’s gotta change. so I figure, what the hell, there’s about a dozen places in town that offer yoga — this is, after all, Charlottesville. and one of them has a class once a week for “stiff guys.” I’m a “stiff guys.” and I want to fix that.

so while Tom Daschle is exposing the lame, unsurprising underbelly of the democratic establishment, Eric Holder became the first black attorney general in the nation’s history. the big deal with him was while he was deputy AG, he was apparently indifferent to pardoning commodities trader Mark Rich at the end of the Clinton administration.
to be honest, I don’t really care. his ass should have been locked up, but then again, I’m of the opinion that presidents shouldn’t be allowed to pardon anyone
and then there’s the commerce secretary nominee. one Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H. your boy.
he’s up for re-election in 2010, and his chances are apparently not very good. so what they’re doing by offering it to him is putting the republicans up shit creek. New Hampshire has a democratic governor, who may be predisposed to appointing another democrat. but Gregg’s playing it tall in the ol’ saddle, though, and says he would only accept a position if it is guaranteed that a republican is appointed in his place.
this leaves the White House and the governor with two options: tell Gregg to take it or leave it, and, if he leaves it, target his weak ass in the midtem elections; or acquiesce, kind of, by naming a caretaker type of republican, and take the pretty-good odds in a general election. the northeast is leaning left pretty hard these days.
and I’m interested in how that plays out. that and the stimulus package getting passed around. the European Union, I think it is, is pissed about the ‘buy American’ stuff in it, about violating free trade principles. and Canada wants to be exempted.
politics and international trade, oh my.
so I’m gonna get the newspaper tomorrow and read about all of that. and if you think print is dead, well … no. it’s not.


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  1. Smith on

    Yoga eh? I think it’s a good idea. It’ll really help out with those new sex-positions you’ve been dying to use with Josh.

  2. recognize on

  3. Lang on

    Ya the stiff guys class is a good idea… I tried the Vinyassa class last year and that class…. she no go so well. I was in a lot of pain while all the others around me were doing fine.

    As for the link, I actually know the writer. We worked together at this community newspaper in Toronto.

  4. Anonymous on

    Genesis.. Hell Yes!

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