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Blagojevich is on cable news, speaking in Springfield.
this motherfucker has no shame. he’s been talking for about half an hour straight, and CNN’s been there for every minute of it. annd, let’s check: yes. same with MSNBC and Fox.
you have to give it to him. he may be widely despised, but Blagojevich doesn’t seem to care. his situation is so far-removed from my reality that it’s hard to relate, but I don’t think I would have the stones to try something like this, this PR onslaught. appearing on the View and the Today show, Larry King and the like. when he’s done talking here, and god knows when that may be, the Ill. Senate (or is it the House, I don’t know) is probably going to vote unanimously to impeach him, but it won’t be because of a lack of effort on his part.
Blagojevich is talking about his “life experiences” and “the American dream.” he’s talking about a first-generation working woman he knows from the South side, or somesuch bullshit, how his “policies have been about trying to help families like those.” right.
he’s a scrapper. and a turd. but it’s kind of hard to dislike the guy. at some point in the last six weeks, he said to himself, “fuck it. so I’m a pariah. I’m going out swinging.” I can at least acknowledge that, if not respect it.
he has said: “imagine how you’d feel if the presumption of innocence that every American is entitled to was completely wiped out by ‘sensationalization’ in the media.”
“I have done nothing wrong.”
he wants to call witnesses to the impeachment proceedings.
“I cannot possibly admit to something I didn’t do.”
“all the conversations, warts in all, ought to be heard (he’s talking about his ‘fucking golden’ conversations on the Fitzgerald tapes). this isn’t Nixon and Watergate. I want it all heard so I can clear my name and we can get back to things that matter most.”
game on, I say. political theater at its finest. he’s done speaking. the chamber is silent, no one claps.

what else.
this was on the front page of the Post today. ‘Buy American’ rider sparks trade debate.
it was introduced to the massive spending bill Obama got through the House on a strictly party line vote, and was sponsored by your boy Visclosky (D-Merrillville). it calls for trade barriers to ensure that  the infrastructure projects included in the stimulus package be supplied by/constructed with domestic materials. the EU trade commission is freaking out, as is the US Chamber of Commerce. “it’s not fair trade!” they say. how will Caterpillar sell earth movers to Asia if they face retaliatory trade measures!?
that may be. and I’m no student of market history. but the current system has left us with maquiladoras, a wasteland in Detroit, and more cheap plastic Chinese shit than Wal-Mart could ever hope to sell. and if you’ve ever seen the barren industrial landscape of northwest Indiana, you’d know where Visclosky’s coming from.

okay. gotta get a shower, gotta go to work.


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  1. Smith on

    Protectionist bullshit. I don’t blame Visclosky for the amendment, but I will blame the Democrats and Obama if it passes.

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