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I turned down a job in Indianapolis this afternoon. and while the decision was eventful, I don’t very much feel like detailing it.

this wouldn’t have happened a few years ago. and that, that’s gotta be growth. so, I’ll just say that my feelings are mixed and work kind of sucked today.

meanwhile, I’ve been listening to a lot of Toots and the Maytals (no one clicks on these, wordpress tells me) and reading a book called The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

I was an English major, but I don’t feel especially well-read. in fact, I barely remember half of the authors I’ve come across. but one that stuck was Junot Díaz. book was called ‘Drown’. a collection of stories. after reading it I said, I’m going to remember this dude. and four years later, he won a Pulitzer Prize for fiction. for this book. so I saw it coming! give me a dollar.

this book’s quite similar in tone to his earlier one. it’s about a “Dominican ghetto nerd” and his brief, wondrous life. it’s good, I think you’d like it. if you’d like I’ll loan it to you when I’m done with it. I’ll write my name inside the cover, so that you can’t lift it. but you can write yours too, and then I’ll pass it around and collect names and we’ll see how far it gets.

anyway. a good line from this book is, “you can’t regret the life you didn’t lead.” yeah, man. I heard that.


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  1. Anonymous on

    send the book this way when you are done with it so that i can write my name under yours, and put a heart around our names.


  2. Smith on

    don’t forget to add a naked photo of yourself. I’m sure Josh has already ruined the old one.

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