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got a college basketball game on.
actually, no, there’s two. UConn at St. John’s, five minutes left, up a dozen. the other, Purdue at Northwestern, down five with four minutes to go. both of these games are indictive of the leagues they play in.
Purdue and Northwestern have been beating the shit out each other. falling on top of each other, missing lay-ups, playing full-court press the entire time. and it’s close. and even though Purdue is ranked, that doesn’t mean they can’t and won’t lose a game to anyone at any time. they could lose this game, to Northwestern, a team that considers it a good year if they lose close games. such is the Big Ten. note: a Valparaiso kid plays for Purdue. of course he does.
on the other channel: St John’s is what Connecticut would look like if it started its bench and it had a shitty day. a bunch of players who are capable of pulling off an alleyoop dunk, but usually screw it up. point in case: one of the St John’s guards got past his man and went for a layup. and it looked good, too! until Thabeet blocked it so damn hard that it bounced out past half court, and grinned while he took the foul. this style of play, on the other hand, is the Big East.
and now, the Virginia/UNC game is on. this is big news around here, simply because UNC is ranked #5 or 6. no one really expects UVa to win, but it’s being nationally televised, and it’s gonna be one of the only interesting games UVa plays in; they suck. the sports desk at the paper is going all out for this. they have an extra hour and a half past deadline to get it in.
also: Louis Farrakhan’s grandson plays for Virginia. and I don’t know if that makes me like them more or less.

my Indiana visit was exhausting. seeing your family is exhausting, because it’s while you’re on the move. if you aren’t settled, then it’s like your adrenaline is always up, like you’re always ready to move. that’s how it feels to travel. I saw lots of people, ate lots of food, etc. there was nothing earth-shattering going on; except, it’s funny how people change, ever-so-slightly when you go away.  grow up, or older, a little bit when you aren’t around. habits change. lifestyles alter. etc.
my family is getting older. and right now, as I see it, there’s no anchor in Indiana for my family. no second generation coming up. unless it’s gonna be me to plant the flag in Northwest Indiana, and I’m not ready to take that plunge just yet.
come on. it’s a big world out there.

taken through the windshield, north central Indiana:sunset

Mar, Gravity Blocks:

I just took a 40 min. break. started making some cookies. honey cookies.
honey cookies, you say? yeah, and right now – and the first couple have been in the oven for about five minutes now – they don’t look like they’re gonna be any good. I guess we’ll know momentarily if the $3.50 I blew on a jug of honey was worth it. …
eh. they’re alright. but save the cash. these aren’t worth it.

edit: oh, what the fuck, let’s have us some more pictures.

Mr. Andrew. this was an, uh, interesting afternoon:who-needs-a-haircut-now

the airing of grievances:nice-and-blurry

“Boom City”, like the rest of Indiana, is cold in January:wurkin1