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I got a little bit of an eye infection. haven’t seen a doctor, but I don’t think that’s necessary; it was quite bad the first day, but it’s grown better. it just itches, is all, and I don’t scratch. so if I’m still in a bad way in another day or two, doctor visit, maybe.

Blagojevich has appointed someone to the Ill. senate seat. everyone at work thought this was the shittiest move in the world. and so do all of the talking heads on TV. I don’t see what the big deal is. well, no, that’s not true; I do.
the senate Democrats wrote the governor informing him that they won’t confirm anyone that Blagojevich might nominate. the man is being accused of trying to sell a senate seat, so the argument goes that anyone he would pick would also be dirty. 
but I would bet it’s kind of an etiquette thing, too. ‘don’t fuck with the party, Blagojevich, you’ve done enough political damage, so stop talking and lie still,’ they said. and it looked like he was gonna do it — his lawyer said Blagojevich was going to do it — and then he went ahead and appointed some guy named Roland Burris, a mid-level Illinois party member who, although a reported lightweight, is not dirty at all. 
Blagojevich has to know he’s a pariah, right? so maybe this is a big eff you to the political establishment. he picks someone who apparently is free of his taint. ew. and the senate is now forced to make the decision: let Burris in, as he might actually make a decent short-term senator, or block him and and answer unpalitable quesitons about stonewalling a competent candidate. and then it might go to court, and get nasty. Harry Reid has repeated that they wouldn’t seat him. shit, he probably wants to kill Blagojevich with a hammer.

I would say that I’m happy about all of this coming about, because it’s a gonna be interesting to watch play out. but it’s also a giant sore for the Democratic party. I think that at a national level, politics is dirty across the spectrum, but I’m still not excited when I’m proven right.

let’s see, what else. I don’t have any other infections that I know of, so that’s good … and I’m super pumped about Indiana, that’ll be a lot of fun.
tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve. I have to work, but I’ll get out around 10 pm. plenty of time to see the ball drop. or something like that.


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