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I’ve got this editing tip I’m supposed to be cracking on, but fuck it. it’ll get done, tonight, late. it’s mind-numbing, these definitions. so I’m watching ‘Family Matters’ and drinking tea, and wasting time by writing about bullshit on my blog. so.

I found my copy of ‘Exile on Main Street’ earlier this week.  hell yes! it was in a zydeco album behind the bench of my truck. which is where everything is. always.

talked to Mar tonight on the phone. she said I should hear hurry up and come back to Valparaiso. t-minus two weeks, Mar. I’m going home … home, I guess, for a week. will probably be pulling my hair out by the roots by the end. fuck it. Mar told me that while she was in LA visitng her boyfriend they had a drink with a friend of hers from high school who had moved out there. when asked to describe our home in Valpo, this person described it as such: “It’s completely a woman’s house.” which I would never have thought to describe it as, but that works pretty well. it’s women who’ve mostly lived there, anyway.

‘Family Matters’. Urkel is a lot funnier when you imagine he’s coming over to Carl’s house all the time and acting like an asshole because he’s actually some kind of sociopath; like, outside the Winslow home, he’s normal. has normal friends. has  a normal job. but before he walks in the door, he gets into character. he starts speaking in a nasal falsetto and pulls his jeans way up into his crotch. and then he goes inside and hassles the living shit out of his neighbors because, I don’t know, he gets some sort of warped glee out of it. and then he ends up jerking off in the bushes while the credits roll. all I’m saying is an R-rated, slightly creepy ‘Family Matters’ would be much funnier.
during the commerical breaks, they’re running these extended ASPCA ads, featuring Sarah MacLachlan and Christmas carols. hmm. whatever happened to the Lilith Fair? and why am I not watching Urkel right now? this shit is bumming me out, all of these homeless animals. fuck this. bring back Urkel.
okay. he’s back. so back to editing.


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