holiday letter for ashley

Season’s greetings!!!! A year has passed, and so much has happened! Everyone is a bit longer in the tooth, has grown a little grayer, but time is nothing to worry about; in this family, we all age like fine wine. But there’s so much to cover this year, let’s skip the formalities. On to the updates!

Youngest daughter Mary has continued to surpass all of our expectations, graduating from Indiana University with a History degree in May. After a few months enjoying the great outdoors in Montana and a brief career in the glitter department at the arts and crafts store in Bozeman, she’s decided to resume her studies back in Bloomington. She’ll be pursuing a master’s degree in Library and Information Science starting this January. In truth, we couldn’t be more proud of her. And we urge you to direct any and all questions you may have about the Dewey Decimal System to Mar’s e-mail account.

On the political front, Valerie and Grandma Mary were at the crest of the Democratic wave that swept America this year. The pair saw a then-Senator Barack Obama address a raucous crowd in the gymnasium at Roosevelt High in Gary during the election season. Obama’s rousing speech moved Val to hit the phone banks in support of his campaign, and she helped turn Indiana blue for the first time in over a generation, despite the best efforts of the stupid redneck who pulled Val’s Vote for Change sign out of the front yard in Valparaiso. Well, that moron is a sore loser, and he’ll just have to wait four years before he can waste his vote on some awful jackass like Sarah Palin. So tough luck, buddy, wherever you are!

In Washington, Virginia and Mike are beginning Year Three of the Great Anna Mc Project. Little Miss Anna is in the bumblebee class at a Capitol Hill preschool, and is jabbering more and more with each passing day – and is a budding fan of the AC/DC songs Mike plays for her on the stereo. “Let There Be Rock” is a particular favorite. Virginia, meanwhile, has finally “scored the perfect frickin’ gig” (her words, of course). As an agreements manager with Rainforest Alliance, Va. now works from a home office, and can, in fact, cut deals in sweatpants if she so desires. Sweatpants at work, the apex of modern business. Truly: Virginia has dared to dream.Down in Charlottesville the generally lazy, listless Matt has managed to maintain a job on the Daily Progress copy desk for nearly a year and a half. Now a few years into an exciting career in the expanding field of print journalism, he’s weighing his options. Shall he go back to school? Join some carbon-neutral commune in the Blue Ridge Mountains? Or head back to the Midwest?  Well, back in Valpo, Uncle Bill gave everyone quite a scare in May when it was revealed that he would require quadruple bypass surgery to free up the arteries in his ticker. The surgery was a success, God bless, and he will be present for the 100th gathering of our family’s Orthodox Christmas Eve dinner Jan. 6. Every family has its traditions, and we’re proud to maintain one that has remained uninterrupted.

Really, it’s amazing to think: It’s a century that we’ve been on these fair shores, and with no prolonged stays in prison, no trouble from the IRS, and only marginal complaints from the neighbors. What will the next hundred hold for the Mc family? No one knows. But Year 101 is starting right now. So, have a merry Christmas, enjoy the holiday season, and please remember to support your local UAW. Because if we can guarantee a stockbroker’s salary, then we certainly can afford to help someone in this country who actually does tangible work for a living. They make the cars that you drive, instead of growing absurdly rich by trading in massive debt that the rest of us will now have to pay for. Thanks, Wall Street!

Happy holidays!The Mc’s


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  1. Ashley L. on

    This gives me the warms in my heart. One hundred years is no joke. Chris’s aunt sent around a holiday card announcing that she was very disappointed with the election of Barack Obama, and it’s probably a harbinger of the End Times. So no presents this year, seriously.

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