someone needs a hug

come on and get it

I would love to go to a rodeo.
there’s one on TV right now. it’s out in Vegas. the ones on ESPN are always in Vegas. just watched some asshole get stepped on during the saddle bronc competition. I enjoy this in the way that some people watch hockey for the fights.
but they don’t do a lot of that around here, in Virginia. hockey. or rodeo. but hockey kind of sucks, anyway. 
you know, I get it. the circus maximus, the colosseum. I’m on board. bloodsport is fucking awesome, man. have you ever seen ‘Ben Hur’? or anything starring van Damme? shit, if cockfighting was legal in this country, I’d go and see it.
now, lots of people say that it’s cruel to watch a living thing go through so much physical punishment, or even death, for simple amusement. to these people, I point to A) American football and B) factory farms.
yes, that’s right, factory farms. that’s a pretty simplisitic response to a question that raises all sorts of ethical flags, but it still works. if you’ve ever eaten a hamburger in this country, chances are the cow that brought it to you lead a pretty shitty life in order to bring it to you. it may have never gotten laid. it probably hated high school, probably had an inferiority complex. it didn’t go to community college for it’s associate’s degree in IT. and now it’s your Monster Thickburger, and you paid six bucks for it.  
to those people who don’t eat meat on ethical grounds, well, I’ll concede: I’m a piece of shit, and I’ve got no answer for you. I really like dogs, though. and if I had one, rest assured I’d never kick it. that’s The Real. I love dogs.

I was supposed to go up to DC today, but I bailed, and I sat on my ass and watched football and did laundry and applied for jobs. if there is a god (and I think there is, kind of) then she will get me on board here. for as much as I despise copy editing — don’t do it, kids! — if I can get on at a job at a semi-polynesian paradise that pays me substantially more than my current position, well, I can gut it out for another year or two.


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