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what do you think about the auto industry bailout? not so much on whether or not it’ll pass in the next week or so, but whether it will or not, and what the reprecussions will be if it doesn’t. 
I’m asking you, because A) I know you probably have a pretty strong opinion on all of this,
B) there’s a lot of stink being made about the UAW contracts and their pay grades and health care costs, etc.
and C) if we lived in a fantasy world and I were president, you’d probably head up the labor department, while Josh would be Secretary of Gay, and I’d have Smith thrown in prison on some trumped-up sexual predator charge.
yours forever,
First and foremost, Josh would be an outstanding Secretary of Gay and Smith thinks little boys are rad. 
I think that they will get something passed and I hope they do. I don’t see how these motherfuckers are now going to argue that the original $700B (TARP) money should not be used in differing ways. The 1st half that we’ve burnt through already, granted, may have kept the situation from getting even worse … but there were no provisions put in place that force the banks to loosen up their lending. So essentially, we have given all these cocksuckers money to cover their dumb-ass bets and now they all are just going to stay tight-fisted with that shit until they get their way. Now what’s is going on, essentially, is a capital strike by the banks with our money.
so, to say that it is fine to bail out the financials — that really haven’t ever generated real wealth for the nation in the form of produced goods — but it’s not acceptable to throw a fraction of those dollars to an industry that is literally responsible for MILLIONS of American jobs and a quarter of US consumption is absurd. Now, I understand that GM and the other big 2 could have been a little more timely about retooling in the first place and about getting off their asses on the whole “green” thing … however, this comes down to the fact that NO ONE is buying cars, and not just Big 3 cars … all cars. the sales volumes have been devastated in the last year, and more importantly,  ever since the bottom fell out of the financials. So all this shit is intertwined …. people lose half their savings … and oh, imagine that, they don’t go out and buy new fucking cars.
The reason the foreign producers that have plants here aren’t hurting as much (as much being the key, because they are taking a beating right now as well) is because they don’t have these old legacy costs and health care costs to deal with. I think this whole thing presents a good opportunity to push even more for nationalized health care. f you want to sit around and say that GM shouldn’t have to pay for health care costs … fine, but someone needs to. this, after all, is America.
and all the people bitching about the UAWs pay grades can simply go fuck themselves. If you go and get a job at GM right now, you will make the same $$ that your father would have made. the UAW just took all sorts of concessions in the last bargaining agreement. granted, the guys who have been there forever are still making pretty high wages, but it’s not like new hires are going in making $40/hour. 
My only issue is even if you do get a bailout put in place, I don’t know if it’s going to get us anywhere. This all comes down to consumer spending and no one is buying shit these days.
love in its purest form,

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  1. Smith on

    I would like to state for the record that I do not like little boys.

  2. Larry Flynt on

    show this to the Canadian saying “this is how WE do it” and then give him directions to the airport.

  3. Jimmy Hoffa on

    do you think it’s Bush’s last dig at the unions on his way out the door to not help out the auto industry?

  4. Anonymous on

    Matt, you should make “Ask Phil” a regular dudeokay feature.

    -Ashley L.

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