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more on the auto industry.

no, wait. basketball is on. I love collge basketball, I fuckin’ love it.
I went to a giant state school in the midwest, and we suck at football. and to be honest, we haven’t been that good at basketball recently, either, but it’s definitely more of a hoops-centric than it is anything else. I mean, it’s Indiana. it’s won five national championships; none in the last two decades, but that doesn’t matter. because we’ve got five trophies. and what’s your school done, Sally?
IU is gonna suck this year, because the recruiting scandals (coaches made three-way calls to recruits and generally hounded the shit out of them to get them to attend the program) ended in a complete turnover of staff, loss of almost all of the scholarship players and a bunch of NCAA sanctions. but that’s okay. I’ll get over it. they’ll be back. and irregardless of whether or not Indiana’s in them, the conference tournaments and March Madness are always fun to watch.
my brother has season tickets to Georgetown’s Big East schedule — mostly so he can scalp them to yokels who come to DC to see games — but the Big East is arguably the best hoops conference in the country, and I’m getting to a couple of those games, Mike, so help me. I’m your brother. brothers got to stick together. 
let’s us see who Georgetown’s got:
among others they’ve got Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville, West Virginia and Marquette at home. god damn. that’s pretty good.

I wanna buy the newspaper when I get up in the morning, so I can read about how the economy is fucked and we’re all going to die. and the funnies! so I’m scrounging around my apartment for change. I’ve got a little bit in my wallet, and I found a quarter in the laundry basket. so far I’ve got 55 cents. that’s 20 cents short. son of a bitch.
the Canadian at work, he wants to nationalize the auto industry, and I think that’s stupid and that maybe the companies should go under. maybe they deserve to, but more rationally, maybe they need to. and he said, “fine, Matt! fine, let’s just let the auto industry go under. I bet it’ll be great to live in the 10th strongest economy in the world.”
I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t think that they’re gonna stonewall the Big Three. no fucking way they just let the auto industry go bankrupt. some companies are too big to fail. too many ripple effects, too much unemployment. no one has the stomach for those kinds of free-market principles with that kind spectre looming. not only would it be irresponsible, it’d be kind of heartless.
I read an opinion in the Washington Post today that I found compelling …

“Why run these risks (of allowing the auto industry to default) when the 6.5 percent unemployment rate seems headed toward 8 percent? Just to satisfy a purist “free market” ideal? It doesn’t make sense. But neither does it make sense simply to heave taxpayers’ money at automakers. The goal is not to rescue the companies or workers; it’s to shore up the economy and improve the U.S. industry’s competitiveness. A bailout won’t succeed unless other things also happen.”

read if you like.

but oh! oh, fuck yes. I found two dimes. they’re at a bottom of a Snapple bottle full of pennies I’m working on. but I’ll empty it out to get at them, by god I will. because tomorrow morning, I’m drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.


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    my regime ended too early. And I was born in the GARY, that should count for something!

    Andrean High School football rules!!!

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