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man, CCR was the bomb. they did a pretty slick cover of “midnight special”.
and you know who does a pretty good cover of “going out west” by Tom Waits? Queens of the Stone Age. I read that the album version of “little sister” on their fourth album was recorded in one take. I’m impressed — though I don’t particularly like that song. eh.

the auto industry is about to die. and they’re calling for massive government investment to stave off this inevitability.
I do not profess to have any real idea about the repercussions of such an action, letting them die. I would imagine they’d be huge. shockwaves across the nation kind of huge. you gotta think that something as large as the quake the Big Three automakers make if they tripped would manifest itself in ways that we can’t even fathom.
so fine. maybe they can’t just die, maybe their continued existence is necessary. that can’t be that hard to argue — this is the same kind of logic that pundits are now using to act like they’ve figured out the horribly mismanged bailout of the financial industry (like David Brooks in the New York Times and angry/old Charles Krauthammer). though I think, that if they were to be saved, then they would be required to suffer for it to the benefit of the rest of us for well into the foreseeable future.
and, you’d have to retool the union contracts: because aren’t all these agreements predicated on the idea that their employers were the untouchable titans of business? well, GM has been getting its ass handed to it by Toyota for some time now — so that rule no longer applies. I’m all for labor, and government’s support of it —  but not directly. meaning, look, asshole, I respect you for working at a plant in Dearborn for your entire adult life. I just don’t think it’s the rest of the country’s responsibility to float your pension and health insurance; it’s not doing that for anyone else.
so tough shit. take it up with those awful companies that employed you.
anyway, the Democrats will try and get it through before Obama assumes office, which I’d imagine is their way of shielding his administration from the political fallout that’s coming with this. good luck with that shit. it appears that the Bush administration is gonna pretend to be fiscally conservative and stonewall any attempt to pass more bailout legislation. and I’ll read all about the fingerpointing in the newspaper while Michigan burns to the ground.

there’s a lot more to this, yes. but oh, fuck it. I’m going to sleep. or, I’ll try to: sounds like my neighbor is having a dance party next door. and I wasn’t invited! what the fuck!

edit: it’s tomorrow morning. if we’re gonna bail out Detroit, I want either a flying car, or one that gets 60 miles to the gallon within five years.


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