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about a week ago I mentioned the race in the Va’s 5th District — the fightin’ 5th — between Tom Perriello and entrenched- good ol’ boy- incumbent, Virgil Goode. my newspaper endorsed this guy. the endorsement, just like the rest of them, was pretty disappointing. look, I don’t necessarily mind the endorsement of the candidate not of my choosing. just please, make it intellectually vigorous. make it believable, not just vague platitudes about fighting “Washington insiders.” that’s a bunch of bullshit, the motherfucker’s been involved in politics for the last 25 years.
I don’t like Goode, mostly because he doesn’t seem to do anything; he’s not proactive as a congressman, he just says xenophobic shit about immigrants and religious minorities (Goode was the guy who made a stink about some congressional Democrat from Minnesota who happens to be Muslim taking his oath of office with a Quran), and he does it to keep the local dumb asshole vote firmly in check.
I predicted Goode was gonna win, just because, you know, by looking at it, that was the safe bet. that dumb asshole vote is mighty in this district. and as recently as August, Goode was working Perriello to the tune of a 30 point lead. 
but then the economy tanked and the race tightened, and guess who probably won by a couple of hundred votes out of 300,000 cast?
McNeill says that Goode could call for a recount (which I’ll wager he will). but considering past recounts of statewide elections haven’t turned up anywhere near the vote difference he’d need to overcome Perriello’s lead, he’s pretty much fucked. 

well. there you have it.