alright. it’s Saturday night, I have no date, a two-liter bottle of Shasta and my all-Rush mixtape. let’s rock.
– Philip J. Fry

the newspaper endorsed Jim Gilmore for the open Senate seat in Va. well, as of tomorrow we’ll have endorsed him, so technically not yet. but no one reads this, so fuck it.
Gilmore, a former governor, is gong to lose in an honest to god landslide, to former governor Mark Warner. polls have him down by about 25, 30 points. he got the GOP nomination through a state convention, not through a primary, which means more political wrangling amongst zealots and less referendum.
to be honest, I haven’t even paid attention to the race, but my newspaper is literally one of the only editorial pages in the state that is backing Gilmore. this is because our editorial board is dominated by our publisher, who — and I’m only observing from the sidelines here — seems to be a wealthy good ol’ boy who hasn’t the slightest idea of how to run a newspaper. so, you know, of course we’re backing the arch-conservative senatorial candidate, which will only cause the locals to criticize us even more.
he’s doing this in Charlottesville. think Madison, Wisconsin. Bloomington. Ann Arbor. the entire state of Vermont. Portland Oregon. San Francisco. Aspen. this is Charlottesville.

the Gilmore editorial came on the day that we run your boy, syndicated columnist/buffoon Cal Thomas. Cal Thomas is a reactionary wingnut who sees everything in unyielding shades of black and white.
today’s column was a peach. 
Cal Thomas wrote: Electing Barack Obama president of the United States would be a roll of loaded dice. We will live (and possibly die) to regret it.

ever since the hysteria erupted over the “spread the wealth around” comment, Cal Thomas has been on the Obama socialist bend pretty goddamned hard. so I titled the column “Barack Obama, radical socialist”. fuck it. I feel responsible for having to put that page together, and that’s what the asshole is saying,

yes, fuck it. I’ll write more later.

okay, it is later.
I’ve been reading on Jim Gilmore’s website. … on the “issues” page. and if this is any indication, Jim Gilmore seems to be just another run of the mill conservative candidate. strong military, tough on immigration, thinks gay marriage should be illegal and abortion outlawed. I’m not looking very hard, but if this is basically what he’s been running on for the last couple of months, then he hasn’t been trying very hard.
with that in mind, the senate election I’m gonna probably sit out. 
in 2006 I voted in California. the one ballot I didn’t fill out was the gubernatorial one; I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger. it just seemed so … ridiculous. and I knew nothing about the guy he was running against. Democratic party treasurer from LA, I think.
so according to just about every poll, Warner’s going to beat Gilmore by a wide margin. and I haven’t paid any attention to either candidate, besides the snap judgments I’ve made of both of them:
Gilmore’s a cretinous thug who commands the respect of no one but the most detestable members of his party, and Warner’s a millionaire businessman from northern Virginia who got into politics ten years ago, because that’s what successful businessmen do.
I don’t like politicians like this, who see their successes in the private sector as a mandate for election to public office. I don’t like Terry McAuliffe. I don’t like Mitt Romney. Warner, fair enough, did a stint as governor, and did well what the governor should do: manage the state’s economy. beyond that, I’m nonplussed. this thing’s a foregone conclusion, anyway, so I’m not going to sweat it at all. congratulations, Senator Warner.

now, Goode and Perriello, on the other hand …


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  1. Anonymous on

    I’d say Cal Thomas can suck my nuts, but he is not worthy of such a priveledge.

  2. recognize on

  3. Cat on

    Dude, with you in mind, I didn’t vote for either Goode or Perriello. Goode is nutso, but I’m a little afraid that Perriello is anti-choice (I couldn’t find anything about it on his website).

    Anyway, I remembered the last time I voted for all Democrats and you yelled at me. Hmph.

  4. el dandy on

    i miss u matthew

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