Dave said the other day, “all you do on the blog is write about politics.” I said, “no, I don’t, Dave.” but he’s right. it’s all I write on right now.
hey, did you hear there’s an election coming up?

this turned up on CNN and Politico tonight. Politico has it as tensions rising within the McCain campaign. CNN has it as ‘Palin’s ‘going rogue”.
Sarah Palin is off the reservation, people.
I will agree that the media has basically called it for Obama. I was talking to a friend of mine from work the other night, Rachana, who said as much. she’s a cool head, and I think she’s right. still, you gotta wonder how much that affects things so far out, and what came first: the growth of Obama’s lead, or the growing assumption that he will win. I tend to think he grew his lead on his own, and then the 24-hour news cycle jumped on board, and after that it tended to snowball. I disagree that there was any bias involved in it; I just think We The People like to have a clear favorite. and if the McCain campaign managers hadn’t been such fuckwits up to this point, I think the election wouldn’t be pointing toward a landslide, like it is right now.
yes. landslide. you know how it’s gonna be a landslide? according to a Big Ten Poll released this week, Obama’s on top of McCain by ten points in Indiana. ten points. in Indiana
more on Indiana later. 

anyway. Palin’s “people” say she’s been mismanaged. and a McCain aide says she’s a diva, and Politico suggests that she’s gonna be at the lead of one of the vicious factions of terrifying cannibals in the looming Republican civil war.
that war is coming. no, really, it’s coming, I guarantee it. we’re still ten days out from the general election, the Republicans are about to get murdered, and it looks like they know it. already there are lines being drawn in the sand. take, for example, the Post’s editorial page on Friday. it had, on one day (and I’m not kidding) that EJ Dionne column I made note of yesterday about this coming fight; a Charles Krauthammer column endorsing McCain and damning those who’ve jumped ship — “I’d rather lose the election than lose my bearings,” he writes, and then he starts naming names; and a Kathleen Parker column suggesting that McCain picked Palin because he wants to fuck her … which is unequivocally the dumbest thing I’ve read all week, but she has a point. people are thinking about it (but careful there, lo-jack, this link is most definitely pornography).
all of that’s fine. fuck them. I hope they all come out of those battles emotionally and physically scarred. but what I got out of the CNN and Politico stories was that O Yes, it is true: the McCain campaign didn’t spend a lot of time vetting their vice presidential pick. and now they have a certain Ms. Somebody on their ticket who they don’t fully understand, let alone agree with.
and if this evil hooker from Alaska ends up a national political force for the next ten, fifteen years, a new mouth-breathing heroine for social conservatism, well. then these stupid bastards who unleashed her upon us should be held accountable, retroactively, for that crime.
we will say: fuck you, Steve Schmidt. look what you did, you asshole. are you happy?

so yeah, man, Indiana.
Lake County made the national AP wire today because of the fight Democrats and Republicans are having over early voting sites. this made me tear up. home, sweet home!
the Canadian read the story, and he said that that was horrible, this intentional voter disenfranchisement. see, the local GOP wants satellite early voting stations in Gary, East Chicago and Hammond shut down because they argue that the county election board must be unanimous in approving them. the election board voted party line because these cities, which are far from the county seat and the one guaranteed early voting station, are poor and very, very blue. and the Republicans want to make it as hard as possible for the Democrats to get all of those minorities to the polls. it is an election season, after all.
oh, yes, I agree, yes. it is horrible. harrible! but the poor Canadian has underestimated the Lake County Democrat. to wit, I will posit that Democrats, at least before this election cycle, have generally been viewed as weak, passive politicians. fuck, I’d argue that they didn’t actually win in the 2006 midterms, the Republicans just managed to fuck up so completely that the only thing they could do was lose.
but the Lake County Democrat is unlike its national brethren. the Lake County Democrat is corrupt to the core, is of very loose morals, and has giant, swinging balls. so the Republicans will make some bullshit argument about how everyone should have to drive all the way down to Crown Point from Hammond and Gary to get to an early voting station. and it will look bad, because this argument will fall on political partisan- and racial lines, because everybody knows Gary is black, East Chicago is hispanic, and Hammond is everything, and all are very democratic. but this will not work. because this is Lake County, whitebread. it may as well be Chicago in the 1950s. and those goddamned polls will stay open. 

it’s now around 1:30 in the morning, and the World Series game is in the 9th inning. rain delay. the Rays just intentionally walked two batters to load the bases after as baserunner reached third on a wild throw. that strikes me as pretty goddamned dumb, even if they’re playing for a strikeout, then a double play. but then again, I know nothing about baseball. … oh wait. ope. Phils win. 
but I just stumbled upon this delicious nugget of information: because there was a stolen base in the first game, that means free tacos at Taco Bell on Tuesday.
hell yes. I am there. thank god for sports tie-in promotions.