I took an astronomy class in college, got a D. not because that class was especially hard, but because I was a stupid asshole and didn’t bother to study. but I did get one cool thing out of it: NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. that’s it, above. makes you want to find a telescope to look through.
I gotta move to the country. out west. like, northern Nevada. where you can look up at the sky at night and see the lights, and not from the city. now, just to become independently wealthy, and I can set this plan in motion. 
and, just cause I’m here right now: there’s gotta be life out there. has to be. you know how many goddamned stars are out there? no? I don’t either, but it’s a helluva lot. there has to be life somewhere else. the law of averages demands of it.


“When you are torn between your wanting to live and your feeling that you are in real danger, you choose to defend yourself, even if you know you could die, and even when you know your death would be gratuitous.”


TV’s on. I’ve got the volume muted. there’s a commercial with an anthropomorphic frog on, seling air fresheners. it’s kind of bugging me out.

back to school

tomorrow, I am going to call an advisor at the school of education in Bloomington to ask her about my options as to going back for my teaching certificate. I’ve been planning on this for a while; and I’m writing it on here because this way, half a dozen people I know will read it, and they’ll know I planned to do it, and in the event that I don’t, this will make me feel that much more like a failure.
the idea is, I’ll shame myself into action. we’ll see if it works.

more television

okay, now there’s a show on called ‘Sons of Anarchy’. it’s got that blonde guy with dreads from ‘Children of Men’, Ron Perlman, and Peggy Bundy. about a biker gang, and all the drama that goes with it. it’s not bad, except that I read “Hells Angels” a couple of years ago, so all of this bullshit about virtuous, multicultural 1 percenters is kind of hard to believe. whatever. this is the third, fourth episode I’ve watched. I guess that means I like it.

film festival

Charlottesville holds a film festival, every year; The Virginia Film Festival, they call it. that makes sense, of course they do. can you imagine any other city in this state holding a film festival?
anyway, there’s a movie they’re gonna show starring your boy Mickey Rourke, called “The Wrestler”. I wanna see this flick, but I’m scheduled to work. so put the word out: I’m scheming to get this evening off. your boy Mickey Rourke’s in it, come on!


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  1. ashley on

    teaching? Really? cool.

    That is a gorgeous picture.

  2. Anonymous on

    What are you going to teach is the real question

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