big assumptions there

it is 1:23 AM. about five minutes ago, I heard what sounded like a lot of gunshots, and then I waited for sirens.
Charlottesville’s version of a hood is about five blocks from here. I would say it’s not bad, but there are a lot more poor people in this town than this nice, wealthy, suburban, liberal town would like to admit. and the neighborhoods they live in are quite insulated and segregated.
I turned my TV off to listen, and listen to the traffic going by my window: at this time of night it is pretty sparse, save for the occasional car every other minute. you can tell it’s a cop about 15 seconds before it passes. cops charge over the bridge and the engines are humming. then, I heard some sirens a few minutes ago, and I thought, well, I’m not overreacting, and I decided to write on it, and then the sirens kicked out. false alarm.

my brother and I talked over lunch about politics. and college football, and about work, and about foul shit you can see on HBO. and we talked, briefly, about the racist bullshit that people have been screaming at McCain/Palin rallies. I saw a video of some dumb asshole telling the candidate that he’s scared of raising his kids in Barack Obama America. McCain responded that Obama’s “a decent, man, citizen” that you don’t need to be afraid of. this drew boos.
later, some crazy-looking old lady told him she doesn’t trust Obama and has read “he’s an Arab.” which drew (thankfully) incredulous laughter and a McCain nervous sidestep.
I’ve also read the headline “McCain/Palin playing with fire” over the race issue. 
this is how I see it: I don’t think McCain is a racist. at all. and I don’t think Sarah Palin is, either. I just think she’s completely unqualified/crazy. they’ve been pressing on the aggressive political attacks, recently, and bringing up desperate shit, real stretches, about Obama’s ties to some Weather Underground asshole. and the worst parts of the GOP base — the oft-socially conservative, racist types — are using it as a queue to air their greivances: chief among them, Obama isn’t white.
that makes a pretty-good addition to why I don’t want McCain to win. foremost, I don’t want McCain to win because of his policies. I want Iraq to be done with, I think his health care plan is laughable, and he’s demonstrably inept at addressing the economy.
that’s why I’m not voting for him. but any reason more, is he’s a Republican. no, I know. they aren’t all bad. but the modern, national GOP’s political well includes the unabashed racists — the same kind of people who turn up in the nets of border-fence supporters, socially-conservative church groups and nationalist rallies — the people the GOP doesn’t want to acknowledge, but still appeals to. and that kind of voter, that kind of voter needs to get stomped the fuck out, as far as I’m concerned.
so to that voter, I want this election to say: you are done. you’ll never really go away, but for right now, everyone is tired of listening to your bullshit. so fuck you. the country is moving on without you.

also, put the word out, I am looking for work. find me a job, and come back and tell me about it.