vice presidential debate’s tomorrow night.
I’m trying not to let my expectations get too high. by all indications, your girl Sarah Palin is out of her league, but there’s no way, really, there’s no way she gets steamrolled. she managed to get elected governor of a state — a backwater not within the continental US, fine — but they have teevees and electricity and the internet up there, too. so she can’t be a total idiot. that’s not to say she hasn’t the slightest idea how to fix the national economy or that she isn’t severely lacking in her understanding of the wider world, but she’ll have enough rote memorization under her belt by tomorrow night that she’ll just look mediocre. not like a jackass.

your boys and girls in the Senate passed the bailout plan.
at this point, I’m not going to even try and have an opinion over it. I generally believe it’s necessary, but I also believe we’re all getting fucked in the process. and if I had my way, I’d put a goddamn torch to the whatever physical representation of Wall Street I could find. the fuckers. those two words, Wall Street, strike the same populist tone in me that it hits in everyone else. and just like everyone else, I don’t know where to focus my anger. Wall Street may be a place, but there is no individual, or group of individuals, that can be directly blamed for this catastrophe, and whatever other horrors are to come. because this was groupthink that lead us here. everyone’s responsible, some more than others. and all of us will pay for it, again, some more than others.


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  1. Ashley L. on

    Maybe I’ll eat my words in a few hours, but how, how how does she not get steamrolled in this thing? Katie fucking Couric steamrolled her. I’ll take a dissenting opinion here and say that she gets roundly whomped.

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