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I haven’t paid a lot of attention to politics in the last couple of days, except that I heard that the House Republicans (or at least their leadership) cited Nancy Pelosi’s pre-vote speech as one of the reasons they didn’t vote for the bailout plan. and you can call me a bigot, but that’s just the gayest thing I’ve ever heard of. I’m trying to think of a better way to describe it, but I feel the need to revert to 8th grade name-calling, where gay = lame. but please understand me: this is less an indictment of their failure to act decisively in the face of a possible economic collapse or a presumption of anyone’s sexual orientation, and more a demonstration of the fact that I fucking hate the Republican party — nearly in its entirety.
yep, there it is: I segued right into political bigotry, in the same paragraph.

anyway. while I was in Indiana, I read up a little on this failure in the local newspaper, which ran a story on a bunch of rubes standing on a busy corner in Lake County with signs that said ‘no bailout’. the ‘I’m responsible and pay my taxes, so why should I be paying for these assholes?’ defense was used. this argument, even still, is proving remarkably airtight. later in the article, one of them suggested that we stop listening to the government’s shrinks and look into what a handful of Austrian economists — whose musings have shaped Ron Paul’s suggested economic policies — have to say. 
think about that. just for fun, entertain that thought for a minute: in northwest Indiana on Monday, some moron said we should listen to the Austrian economists that Ron Paul subscribes to in order to get the nation’s financial system back on track.
it’s statements like that, the ones you stumble across while you’re half-awake and your mom is making you Jimmy Dean sausages and poached eggs and the dog is alseep on top of your feet underneath the breakfast nook, that make community newspapers worth reading. 

more from the paper: a profile on the local congressman’s — Visclosky’s — reaction to the failure. Visclosky, a labor democrat, voted against it. he said it would reward the wrong institutions, foreign banks, and he hasn’t been convinced of its necessity. he also cited the government’s failure to act when a bunch of local steel mills went under and a lot of people lost their jobs. also, and he didn’t say this, but he’s running for reelection in about five weeks, and no one in his district wants him to vote for it. so he didn’t. omg, obv.
many of our elected officials appear to be too dense to appreciate this, but no one wants the bailout, because they don’t trust the bailout, because they don’t understand the bailout. so, as painful as it may be, the government should be taking great steps to explain macro-economics to the stupid, stupid American taxpayer. fuck, I barely get it, and unlike many people, I’ve been trying to get it. and even then, everything I’ve read says that this plan’s success is entirely speculative. and I can only conclude that we’re all fucked.

but enough about politics. what did I do, what did I experience this weekend?


7:30 pm, Saturday, Chicago. green curry. ‘Doom’ at Josh’s apartment.

10:00 pm, Saturday – 2:30 am, Sunday. more or less, a haze.

2:45 am, Sunday. karaoke with Josh at a lesbian bar. song? ‘I want to break free’ by Queen. the bartender thought I was great. Josh later says: “she wanted your box, dude.”

7:45 pm, Sunday, Indiana. my uncle’s house. I notice, sitting on top of his TV, ‘Ass Blasters Vol. 3’. that means there’s at least two other volumes of ass blasting out there, as of this writing.

10:45 pm, Sunday. Chicago beats the Eagles. mostly because the Eagles suck.

2:30 pm, Monday. me and mom go to a bunch of garden centers, and then I take a picture of mom standing in the cornfield across the way from the parking lot.


11:15 am, Tuesday. arts and crafts in the kitchen with mom.


11:45 am, Tuesday. grandma watches cable news while most of congress goes home to observe Rosh Hashanah. yes.


2:00 pm, Tuesday. I pet the dog before leaving.


3:30 pm, Tuesday. we stop and eat at White Castle on the way to the airport.

10:30 pm, Tuesday, somewhere between Charlotte, NC and Charlottesville. as a direct result of the delicious White Castle, I have wicked gas on the airplane next to the middle-aged suit reading Sports Illsutrated.

there’s lots more of these little vignettes that you love so much. but I didn’t take any pictures of Josh and his girlfriend, because they’re horrible people.
ha ha, hilarious, I kid. through and through, it was a good four days.

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