I need a hug goddamnit

the bailout plan exploded today, at the White House. from what I’ve read, the Democrats and the administration showed up, and then we’re completely shocked that the Republicans — specifically the House GOP — weren’t on board. apparently, Hank Paulson got down on a knee and begged Nancy Pelosi “not to blow (the deal) up.” begged her. and she said, “it’s the Republicans you need to worry about.”
no, this is not dinner theater.

McCain, who insisted on taking the goddamned campaign back to DC so he can gain credit for saving us all, didn’t even bother to fucking comment. Obama, who followed McCain back to DC because that’s where the party was and he got an invite from Bush, he seems to be in blink-and-react-mode at this point. which, giving the state of affairs, is not necessarily a bad thing. and as of this writing, no one is even sure Friday’s debate is going down, because McCain may not show up. he’s said he’s not going to debate nothing until this shit gets resolved. because John McCain is putting country first. this is what his campaign’s all about, it’s his campaign slogan. except he’s not campaigning. did you hear that, everyone??? the campaign is officially suspended. now it’s just a giant clusterfuck, going nowhere.

Part I … in which I remain “on the fence”

it has been suggested that there was a consensus on the administration’s plan, and they were ready to rock with it this morning, but McCain’s return fucked it all up, gave the GOP cause and reason not to just vote “yes”. the House Republicans owe Bush nothing; he’s political poison and he’s gone in four months, so fuck him, they figure. we’re taking a stand on principled, free-market conservatism, and maybe they end up sharing it steely-eyed maverick John McCain, who has conveniently shown up so he can pretend he actually has a coherent opinion on all of this. they say his party will queue off of whatever he ends up doing. I don’t think he’s gonna do shit. what’s he gonna do, cobble together a plan of his own, or co-opt what the House Republicans are putting together?
here’s a coherent idea: Eric Cantor, the deputy minority whip from the Richmond burbs, he’s been circulating a draft that basically cuts into the bailout (the negotiated bailout deal would have handed Paulson $250 billion instead of the $700 billion he wanted … along with an oversight board) and replaces it with government-backed insurance. so the government doesn’t add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national deficit and the Republicans save face. you know, fiscal conservatism. that’s supposed to be their thing.
well, at least it’s an idea. I can’t say that I blame them. you know, the administration and the Democratic leadership are all screaming about how urgent this is. but that’s bullshit; if the Democrats thought it was that fucking important, they’d stop playing politics and just pass the fucking thing already. it’s not like they don’t have the votes. and about the president: personally, I wouldn’t piss on Bush if he were on fire; that cocksucker has called wolf too many times to be taken seriously at this point. and the Republicans, well, $700 billion is more than a lot of money: it’s A Lot Of Money. I can understand urgency … I guess .. but, you know, to hell with the markets. if they can’t handle a week of debate, no matter how unhealthy it’s about to become, then maybe it all deserves to fail. fuck it, I say. Thunderdome.

Part II … in which I explain why McCain is being a stupid asshole and why this political stunt will cost him

anyway, if my disgust for this crotchedy-old fuck isn’t clear enough, I don’t see how McCain comes out of this favorably. what has he done for the situation, except make everything painfully partisan? he’s in the spotlight, yeah, but I don’t know he would want to be at this point. he doesn’t seem to have any idea what’s going on — being simply present does not a leader make — and the spotlight is only going to confirm that.
and when this thing eventually works itself out in some anti-climactic conclusion, McCain’s going to be the one holding his dick. we will recap: he was there. there was a bitter, confusing, increasingly partisan battle over a massive economic crisis. on the first day he was there, McCain was nothing but a campaign distraction in the midst of this very serious issue, and now to presume: that’s exactly how it’ll play out Friday (though he’ll probably bitch out and end up at the Miss. debate) and then Saturday if this bullshit continues.
even more, there simply isn’t enough time for the pundits and observers sift through the wreckage that has been the last week of political discussion and maneuvering. one of these two assholes is going to win the election in, like, 40 days. no one’s going to be able to process this into some soundbite to feed to the lowest common denominator with any success in such a short amount of time. fuck, most of America still hasn’t any idea what the fuck is going on in the markets, let alone in Washington. how the hell does the McCain campaign think they’re going to turn this around and into an easily-digested talking point so quickly?
meanwhile, Obama doesn’t have to do shit; if McCain wants to — and it sure looks like he wants to — then let him stand behind the highly-contested, debatable, mediocre decisions that all of this GOP wrangling will produce, it’s not going to end up being very flattering. Obama today, he asked Paulson a dozen questions during the White House meeting, so he got to look interested and involved. he kept it easy, simple. and now he’s going to Mississippi for the debate tonight, because hey, the campaign is still on; he’ll leave the flailing about to McCain. because, come on; there’s nothing to be gained by walking about the power keg that is Capitol Hill this week. there’s too much dynamite lying around, too much shit that could unintentionally blow up on him. so, let McCain walk among the landmines. show you’re paying attention, formulate a policy proposal, and vote on whatever the Senate comes up with. firmly. and that’s it. and if I’m ill-informed and this isn’t Obama’s strategy, then it should be.

Part III … in which I explain my glee

but still, it pleases me to no end that this is happening five weeks before the general election. really, to no fucking end. maybe I unwisely expressed doubt that this is really a crisis at all in the last paragraph, but it’s certainly being treated as such. because whether it’s needed or not I couldn’t tell you, but the Treasury secretary just asked Congress for $700 billion dollars. the chairman of the Federal Reserve is warning of a national recession. and last night, Bush basically said the sky will fall if something isn’t done.
so we now have something serious to talk about, and the candidates are going to have to respond. no amount of grooming and teleprompting and stupid asshole townhall rallies and dickhead sloganeering can save them now. this shit is raw, and it’s going to chew through both of them. I just happen to think that because of his recent choices, it’ll chew on McCain a lot harder.


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