I need hugs

one minute before George Bush speaks.
an unpopular and lame-duck president is gonna sell a $700 billion bailout of Wall Street to the nation. I’ve heard he’s going to use the word “calamity.”
I don’t know how the fuck he’s gonna do it; in fact, I doubt he will. he’ll have to be brutally honest, and say something like …


9:02 pm. looks like he’s wearing a lot of rouge.
“(this rescue effort is aimed at) preserving America’s overall economy.”
9:03. “I know many Americans have questions tonight: ‘How did our economy reach this point?'” and then, ohmygod, he’s gonna try to explain it. influx of foreign cash, changing interest rates. and then … the housing market led to excesses and bad decisions …
9:04. “and then, with supply exceeding demands, housing markets fell.” ohhh. now I get it.
9:05. still talking about it. now we’re talking about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
I can just imagine some guy getting off his shift at Inland Steel, slugging a Budweiser, and watching this shit: “what in the hell …”
9:06. “with the situation becoming more precarious by the day, I faced a choice …”
“I’m a strong believer in free enterprise … but these are not normal circumstances.”
9:09. says he understands frustration of responsible American taxpayers. “not paying a bill now would cost these Americans more later.” and now, he’s explaining the bailout plan.
9:11. he says: this thing will pay for itself. because as we sell off these assets and calm market volatility, people won’t lose their homes and money will flow back into the federal reserve.  that’s paraphrased, obviously.
9:13: “(Democratic capitalism) has made this country the best in the world to invest and do business.”
except when it’s not, like now, and we have to basically clean the slate for the titans of industry. $700 billion mulligan! you all get a do-over. and then can continue on your way.

my brother said today, “this is just a way to continue trickle-down economics.”
you know what, fuck it. fuck it. let’s have some social upheaval. what have I got to lose? a couple grand in student loans and a shitty job? I’ll survive.

today in politics.
McCain says he’s suspending his campaign so he can return to Washington and work on a bipartisan effort to get this bullshit passed. he also wants to temporarily suspend Friday night’s scheduled debate in Mississippi. he called on Obama to join him in this. there’s gonna be a big dance-off at the White House tomorrow afternoon, when a national gallery of the same assholes who share the blame for this fucking mess will come together to save us all.
Obama told him to eat a dick; he’s going to the debate, and the corporation that runs the debates says the event is still on. so that means that McCain will probably go anyway.
as far as McCain going back to DC: you gotta acknowledge, whether it works or not, that it’s a decent political move. he’s been fading in the polls as the economy has melted down. it’s painfully obvious that McCain doesn’t have the slightest idea what the fuck he’s talking about, so instead of consistently losing this argument, he throws a splitter. it certainly beats losing.

now Obama has to respond to all of this “suspend the campaign” bullshit. he did, and it was: no. he’ll show up in DC tomorrow for an Oval Office circle jerk, but the game’s still on. because, really: why the fuck would Obama take the bait and follow a flag-bearing McCain back to Washington so McCain can pretend he has any grasp on the situation? “suspend the campaign” my ass. the cameras will follow him anywhere. and John McCain is grasping at straws, trying to regain some sort of competitve edge that has eluded him over the last week. and only the dumbest of rubes would agree to that.
I can’t believe that McCain’s campaign would be as shortsighted enough to basically dismiss a debate like that. really;  during one of those events, I was convinced he’d close any gap he had at the polls. but instead, McCain’s gambled on some delusional idea that he’ll become the savior of the nation’s economic woes. he’s going to break the gridlock. he’ll somehow gain bipartisan support for a massively unpopular bill. 
think on it: he’s banking, hard, on the notion that congressional Democrats will defer to the Republican presidential candidate, that they’ll let him take the mantle of authority — thereby submarining their own candidate.
and while they’re stupid — oh god, are Democrats stupid — I don’t think they’re stupid enough to buy into this bullshit. “oh, McCain just wants to help! a proven economic policy neophyte is going to bring a fresh approach to this dire situation, completely devoid of ulterior political motives! sure, Mr. McCain; we’re down. what astounding economic observations, solutions, did you have in mind? lower taxes for people in an income bracket 95 percent of the country will never acchieve? GREAT FUCKING CALL.”

also: I’m watching MSNBC (there’s my bias for yous!), and even though Rachel Maddow is an obvious partisan — and lesbian — she’s not nearly as bad/grating as Keith Olbermann. that motherfucker makes my skin crawl.


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