boo hoo, I’m sad and lonely

as I see it, the naked chick is the American taxpayer. the guy with the knife, that’s the Bush administration/federal treasury/anyone associated with “Wall Street”. and the giant meathead in the helmet, full of animal rage, flying into the scene like a human missile? that’s Righteous Justice. the octopus at the bottom is Smith, and the crocodile is Josh. the crocodile is also gay.

I read an opinion in the Wall Street Journal that basically laid out how implicit John McCain and many in his inner circle have been in the deregulation of markets in the last couple of decades.
I also read in the Washington Post that because of our impending financial doom, Barack Obama has opened up the first clear lead over McCain since the general election started. I didn’t read the whole article, god bless. but I’d posit to say that it isn’t because most trust Obama to fix the economy — he just couldn’t possibly know less about it than McCain. I’m sure Obama’s okay with that, though.

I’m not kidding though, if ever there were an interesting time to pay attention to politics, now is the time. Ben Bernanke — who comes across as an egghead and not someone you want to push in front of a bus — and Hank Paulson — who comes across as someone you’d want to put in front of a bus — walked into a world of shit at a Senate hearing yesterday.

so. so here’s a quote form that story attributed to Paulson.
– “I’m not only concerned, I’m angry about the things that got us here. It makes me angry, and it makes you angry. You talk about taxpayers being on the hook? Guess what? They’re already on the hook. If the system isn’t stabilized, they’re going to bear the cost.”
act now, act fast, this must be done, etc.
and here’s a quote from some random Democratic representative named Taylor from Mississippi that you’ve heard of, which is exactly the point:
– “Where have I heard this before? ‘The Iraqis have weapons of mass destruction, and they’re ready to use them.’ I’m in no rush to do this.”

meanwhile, where I am, Virginia is facing something like a possible $2.9 billion budget deficit next year. I know this, because I read newspapers. now, that’s a relatively small faced with the larger Wall Street bailout or whatever insanely large sum California is dealing with nowadays, but still. the governor is calling on all state agencies to submit contingency plans in which they slash 5, 10, and 15 percent of their budgets. that’s a lot of money. it’s also an arguably bold way to address the deficit, but that’ll only hold if it doesn’t take a decade of underfunding public works.
anyway, a national implication from this: Obama can thank his goddamned stars, and his well-compensated vice presidential search squad, that he didn’t pick Tim Kaine as his running mate. or maybe he can thank dumb luck. I don’t know. Kaine’s big thing was a) he’s “southern” (no he’s not) and b) he had Virginia’s economy humming. and now it looks like that fun machine has taken a dump and died.

and now it is time to hate on Terry McAuliffe.
there’s a term limit for the governor in Va., so Kaine’s out in 2009. the state AG, I think — that may be wrong — he’s running unopposed for the GOP nomination, and there’s a couple of state senators vying for the Democrats’ nod. they’ve been going at it with a low heat for a couple of months now, but this foul chili is about to get a whole lot spicier now that Terry McAuliffe is apparently considering running for the Democratic nomination.

here’s my rundown on Terry McAuliffe, are you ready, yeah you’re ready, let’s do this:
McAuliffe’s a party name, who’s worked on a dozen Democratic campaigns over the last couple of decades, either in a financial or managerial role. he’s very wealthy, and he lives in McLean. from 2001-2005, he was the Democratic National Committee chairman (who Howard Dean is now), during which he was involved with creating some giant donor database called “Demzilla” and making the DNC something like $500 million dollars.
he gets lots of credit within the party for this, apparently. because apparently, Terry McAuliffe has a lot of pull — he was chairman of the Hillary Clinton for president campaign over the last year, for instance. it seems that the Clintons love his ass. in ’96 he was the co-chair of the reelection campaign for Bill Clinton and Al Gore.
so yeah. he’s a good fundraiser. and the Clintons like him. and he lives in McLean, which means he’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the state of Virginia. McLean and Big Stone Gap are basically the same place.
all of that being said, it should be noted that McAuliffe presided over the Democratic party when it routinely got its ass handed to it by the Republicans. who remembers 2001 to 2005? I remember it. the Republican party of the Bush administration started two wars and won reelection, while retaining majorities in both the House and Senate.
it is arguable that because Terry McAuliffe created a donor database and raised a bunch of dough during the time the Democrats were being treated like the new fish on cell block D, he laid the groundwork for the Democratic takeover of Congress in 2006, and the possibly the White House in November. it is also arguable that his ass had nothing to do with it. I prescribe to the latter theory.

so. so great job, Terry. you’re obviously leadership material. and since you’re so clearly not some opportunist who treats a spin in the governor’s chair like something to tack onto your resume, by all means. you’re more than qualified to be the executive of Virginia. I’m sure you’ll have nothing but its best intentions at heart.
I wish I knew the Clintons. cronyism would get me a better job than the one I have now.