hot graphic workplace sex dream

this is gonna be awesome, because this is gonna sound very wooden.

so I had a dream the other night. it was a sex dream.

this was a couple of nights ago, and so the details are hazy. this is how I find most dreams. if you don’t make an effort to record them, and I don’t, they slip away quickly.
so yeah, the sex dream. in this dream, I was having sex. with a girl. I don’t remember who, but I don’t think it was anyone in particular. normally, dreams where you’re having sex are awesome. but this sex dream, it wasn’t awesome. 
as I’d imagine most people do, I like focusing on what I’m doing when I’m having sex. I don’t think about politics or the impending stock market crash. no international terrorism, or what I’m doing in the broader scheme in my life. because right then, I’m having sex, and let’s be honest, if that’s happening, everything can’t be that bad.
and by god, I was trying to focus on sex, but the entire time I was having sex, I was looking at the clock. it was 11:30 pm, and production deadline for the newspaper was in half an hour. but time wasn’t moving. it was permanently 11:30, and whenever I got done fucking I’d have to go back to work and there would be a bunch of pages to put together. the newspaper office was in the next room, and it was waiting on me. I had work to do immediately. and as soon as I stopped, the clock would start again. this was inevitable.  
with this on my mind, I was getting nowhere, feeling nothing; just going through the motions. so eventually, I stopped. the girl looked at me, nonplussed. and then I looked down at my shit and my condom had broken.
and then I woke up.

and that was it. that was the whole goddamned dream.


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    game, set, match. Her “analyses” are spot on.

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