the democrats just lost the Alaskan vote

about an hour ago I was in front of the television with my boxers, again, watching CNN talk about how McCain had picked the governor of Alaska as a running mate.
and anchor John King said something to the effect of: “well, you know, Wolf, Gov. Palin recently had a child that is affected by Down Syndrome, and she was aware while the child was in the womb that there could be potential complications. and she had the child anyway, which will certainly please pro-life voters.”

so John King just opined that the fact that Palin’s youngest son is retarded could be politically rewarding. way to go, man, that’s fuckin’ awesome. in fact, the only thing possibly more awesome than that suggestion is if he’s actually right.


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  1. Ashley L. on

    I’m all about the wimmin, but when I’m not scared shitless by the polls being so close, I’m thinking that the Republicans are trying to lose this one so that Obama inherits the mess this country is in, fails to deliver on anything, and then the Republicans can run someone serious next time.

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