Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign has tapped Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate in the general election.

two peple called me tonight to let me know that Biden, from Delaware, is to get the VP selection.
Joe Biden is by far the least shitty in a shitty field.
I heard a woman from the Chicago Tribune say on the radio tonight, that everybody will hate Obama and McCain by October. and I realized, that shit, I hate McCain now and currently I’m ambivalent to Obama at best, so why the fuck am I so early?
it’s because I hate politicians. but curiously, I don’t despise Biden; Biden, who is the living, breathing definition of politician.
I think it’s this: you never hear people bitch about Joe Biden’s foreign policiy credentials, which is essentially what his role is in the Senate: he’s a foreign policy expert who will jaw with Republicans. but when people talk shit about Biden, it’s not about his cred but about the time he got caught plagiarizing a British politician’s speech during his 1988 presidential campaign — which has currently capped the rise in his career. 
but I, for one, already assume that politicians are at the-very-least-1/3 pandering asshole under even the best of circumstances. so a national politician getting caught plagiarizing a speech? that should be assumed. I feel your faith in politics doesn’t have to be dead, but it has to able to accept some pretty pathetic things from the people who bring it to you.
so with that lack of confidence in the establishment stated, I think Biden is one of the better examples that the establishment has to offer — even though he went to Georgia to talk foreign policy early, which I find incredibly presumptious (Joe Lieberman is a douchebag). all of this, and still, rival John McCain forgets how many homes he and his wife own. (here, as I write this, I am raising an eyebrow.)
I’m being honest; I understand McCain is a tough-as-nails prick. but that doesn’t excuse him from not having any idea what it’s like to even be middle class. I mean look, my grandparents were the generation of Joads, not me. I think I get by, but not expansively. but simply put, I don’t think McCain knows how to manage the economy, his campaign doesn’t seem to give a fuck about that, and I say that’s bullshit. I’m not hurting, but I know people who are, and people who say ‘it takes at leat $5 million to be wealthy’ apparently don’t have any idea how goddamned wealthy a pot of $1 million makes you. I could live for years, with a family.
so count your condominiums — because those count too, you rage-suppressing son of a bitch — snap out of senility long enough to get ready for your next quesiton, and bring something worth voting for to the table.


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  1. Ashley L. on

    I’m happy with the BIden decision because it signals to me that Obama made a choice to run with someone who could help him govern, more than just help him campaign. If one more Clinton supporter tells me that her selection as VP nominee would make the ticket a sure thing, I’m going to slap them in the face. And he also made a choice for someone with legitimate chops, not just someone who has positioned himself (ahem) as a logical VP choice because of moderation, geographic representation, and strategic committee assignments.

  2. Smith on

    I agree. The good thing about Biden besides that he is a straight up progressive, is that he will also be a great campaigner, which is a nice bonus.

    I’m assuming you are referring to Bayh in your comments, but the statement is correct for anyone like him. I’ve have had numerous arguments with people who I work with who wanted Sen. Bayh picked because it would really help Indiana’s local and state elections. I understand their reasoning, but I’m sorry, when it comes to the Presidency I’m not going to put one state, even if it’s my own, above everything else. I group Sen. Bayh in with all of the other “moderates” that were being floated for the ticket. Like it or not, your VP selection (if he or she is young) is most likely going to be the front runner for that party’s nomination when that president leaves office.

    There is absolutely no way that I would want a Sen. Bayh or a Chet Edwards or a Tim Kaine being that said front runner. We’ve finally been able to make a big step forward (or left… however you want to see it) in some of the most important issues facing this country: healthcare, taxes, energy, foreign policy. Sure there are still people out there who want healthcare and renewable energy left entirely to the free market, the Bush tax cuts extended, and an ultra aggressive/standoffish stance with non-allies. However, with every day they lose support and we gain some. I don’t really contribute this to us being more persuasive, because as a whole Democrats are pretty bad at framing an argument for the masses; it’s just that unlike before people are paying a bit more attention to the issues and some of these decisions are common sense. If one sides ideas and stances are not working then lets try the other sides.

    Republican’s say they have a “brand issue”… What they fail to realize, or simply don’t want to admit, is that it’s not necessarily the “R” next to their name that is dragging them down, but that they are now fighting against the majority.

    Before they were actually able to convince middle income and poor rural voters to support policies that were entirely geared to the wealthy. A perfect combination of political distraction, misinformation, and voter ignorance made the perfect storm to allow the Bush administration and Republican majority to set us back 20 years. It’s a testament to the evil genius that is Karl Rove politics. The bright side is that it seems to be wearing off and no matter how persuasive they are, if Joe Blow hasn’t had health insurance for 5 years because he’s not lucky enough to get a job that offers it… well I think he’s willing to give universal healthcare a shot, what does he have to lose?

    With the political winds at our backs, I don’t want someone like Evan Bayh holding the Democratic reigns. We don’t need a conservative Democrat in office because the nation is shifting to the left and if the Republicans don’t shift a little bit with them they will continue to lose election after election until they start representing their constituents accurately which they are currently not doing. I’m sorry, call me an ultra liberal if you want, but putting someone like Bayh on the ticket would have been like throwing a dying dog a bone. Why do it? Just let the bitch die already and see how the new dog acts.

  3. Anonymous on

    have you ever been with a woman who could do the reverse cowgirl so good, you only see it now in porno? cause you haven’t found anyone else who could? i have…i think about it alot.

  4. Smith on

    you conquered that chocolate mountain once before, who is to say you cannot do it again?

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