the sax player from DMB died, and that’s big news around here

I was at the gym the other day, and I was wearing this t-shirt I lifted off of my brother from a Moscow soccer club. it’s in cyrillic.
I get off the hamster mill and this little old lady is behind me on an eliptical machine and she’s grinning at me. ‘are you Russian?’ she asks.
no. I’m not Russian.
I explain to her where I got it and that my mother’s family is ethnically Russian. I tell her where my grandmother’s family was from, which is Galicia.
‘yes. that is Western Ukraine. or Romania.’ that sounds about right.
and she keeps talking, about how she lives in Ukraine, and before that she lived in Ann Arbor, Mich. how much she likes it here, though she misses Russia. ‘it is my home. but I am Jewish, ethnically, and can you believe they do not like Jews in Russia?’
no. that’s awful.
‘in my own country they do not like me because I am Jew. but also I am Russian. my friend in Ann Arbor, she knows other Russians who work at university, and so she tells them of me, and they hear my last name and she says ‘yes she is Russian Jew.’ and they say to her, ‘she is not Russian.’ can you believe?’
I can’t believe that, no.
we made friends. my first friend at the gym is an elderly Russian lady. the Rock goes to my gym, but fuck him. this woman reminds me of grandma.
and I was late to work.

I read an interesting article today. a senior aide to Dick Cheney is being considered for a top spot in the energy department. his name is F. Chase Hutto III, and like most people who go on initializing their first names, he’s an asshole of the highest degree. if pieces of shit had their own organizations, like the Benevolent Order of Elks, he’d be an Esteemed Loyal Knight. fuck F. Chase Hutto III. he sucks. 
see, Mr. Hutto is a principled conservative, which means that regulation of any kind of any way makes you a pinko commie faggot that hates America. or a right whale:

In recent months, Hutto has helped scale back a rule proposed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to protect North Atlantic right whales — one of the most endangered animals on the planet — from lethal s
hip strikes. The rule NOAA submitted 1 1/2 years ago originally would have required ships within 30 nautical miles of several East Coast ports to slow to 10 knots or less during parts of the year when the whales are migrating.
Acting on Cheney’s behalf, Hutto questioned whether there was sufficient scientific evidence to justify the economic costs that the rule would impose on shippers. The White House plans to issue a revised ship strike rule next month that will reduce the perimeter around the ports from 30 to 20 nautical miles and will “sunset” the rule after five years. New England Aquarium research scientist Amy Knowlton said those changes would “undermine the scientific integrity of the rule,” since right whales have been spotted within 30 miles of the ports.

for christ’s sake. “one of the most endangered animals on the planet.” can’t you, you know, just bend a little on this one, Bush administration? just a little? I mean, come on, what’s the approval rating hovering at? 30 percent? that means that even a sizeable number of the stupid sons of bitches who voted for Bush and Cheney in 2004 are tired of this shit. so can we quit with the setting of little timebombs, these little holdovers that are gonna go in and tear down environmental protection policies, or create antagonistic missile defense pacts with eastern European countries? because it only took eight fucking years, but finally, no one is interested. christ. just go away.

okay. I’m gonna have an ice cream sandwich. delicious!