my laundry is almost done.

I just watched ‘Black Snake Moan’ with Samuel Jackson and Christina Ricci. by the guy who did ‘Hustle & Flow.’
it didn’t suck, no. but I don’t know. the director tries to ground the movie in something palpable, something realistic, but it’s kind of hard to buy. the plot keeps ramping it up until it’s no longer grounded, and it becomes fantastic, and the problem is, is the movie doesn’t want to present itself that way. it wants to be one thing, and goes in the other. like a gritty fairytale, that shit’s tired.
do you want examples of this? because I’m sitting here, thinking on it, and nothing comes to mind. but that’s the feeling I got from it after watching it just now.
and at the end of it all, it’s got Christina Ricci half-naked for virtually the entire movie. and yeah, I know, Christinia Ricci, blah blah blah, you liked the role because it allowed you to explore new ground as an actress. I know. I saw ‘Pumpkin.’ the point is, a half-naked Christina Ricci in a movie is a draw. so let’s acknowledge that, please.


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  1. Spence on

    Best post ever. Beats the Rick Moranis appreciation post, which was my favorite until now.


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