I think I’m still hungry

this is after a tunafish sandwich, an english muffin with peanut butter, and one beer.

today was one of the worst days I’ve had at the ol’ newspaper in quite a while. because I know everyone cares, I’m going to detail it. you’re welcome.
the day started off right. I arrived, to find that, yes, I would be responsible for the front page this evening. fuck.
during the daily budget meeting, I kept quiet. there’s usually like half a dozen people at these, all of whom, normally, outrank me. so I just take notes, ask the occasional question. but tonight, when talking about the planned story on the hearing for the juvenile accused of shooting up a bunch of cars on the interstate last month, I opined that the little shootings logo we’ve been using to identify sniper stories is awful looking, and that further, we shouldn’t use it because it looks ridiculous. and also, that those morons in Richmond who prepared it for us are worthless.
I said all of that, only it was peppered with “fuck” and many of its tenses. 
everyone was laughing, and I probably went on for another ten seconds cause I was feeding off the crowd, but it turns out that it was my boss who designed it. and he was sitting directly across from me. nice.

anyway. my manager wrote himself in as doing ‘advance’ work tonight, which is bullshit. ‘advance’ work often means he just putzes around and looks over your shoulder before going home around 10 pm. so that left me with six pages to build, which is a lot. I got everything out by 11:30, with the nightly deadline being midnight, but I keep on learning this the hard way – a half an hour isn’t enough for many of the editors who are going to proof your pages on any given night. so I didn’t get the pages to editor’s liking until 12:30. at that point, I was a half an hour past deadline.
then some stupid fucking ad corrupted on the weather page, and I had to go dig it up and fuck with it in photoshop until it printed correctly. yep.

so the paper didn’t print until 1:35 am, and I didn’t leave until nealy 2. that’s in the morning.
I will catch hell in the morning.

tomorrow, before I go back to work for another front page, I’ve got to get my glasses set. I had the opportunity to get new frames, but I actually like the ones I have now. so I have to present these ones to the glasses place and wait for them to fix them.
that’ll leave me with a solid two hours to wonder around the shopping center nearly blind. that oughta be fun.
also, I need to call Andrew. I don’t need eyesight to call Andrew. so maybe I’ll try that. hooray, Andrew!

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