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I heard Hillary Clinton apparently said she ran from sniper fire on a Bosnian tarmac when she was the first lady. but then, somebody looked the footage up, and she was met by a waiting, open-air government delegation. she apologized and said she misspoke, and in the radio report I heard about it, she laughed and said it was a long campaign.

I also heard she said about Barack Obama and all of this stupid bullshit about his pastor: “he wouldn’t have been my pastor.”

these aren’t supposed to be knocks on Clinton in particular. but the fact that someone bothered to look up some stupid bullshit she said in passing about Bosnia, and then farther, the fact that people actually care what Barack Obama’s pastor thinks about the September 11 attacks … as far as I’m concerned, they’re perfect examples of why presidential politics are so absurd. shit, the priest at my family’s church protests in front of Planned Parenthood weekly. and I am all about planning parenthood.
what constitutes a political scandal says an awful lot about the country it happened in, and American political scandals are just so fucking ridiculous half of the time that I find it embarrasing how stupid we must look. this isn’t a defense of Bill Clinton or his policies, but the man was impeached by the House of Representatives becaused he perjured himself while discussing the Monica Lewinsky affair. wait, no, let’s say this in layman’s terms. he lied about fucking an intern. and the stunning evidence that he had lied was a cum stain on her dress. we had grown men and women discussing this on television and in the newspapers. and they were serious about it. Bill Clinton’s cum stain.

Nicolas Sarkozy has said that France will keep all options on the table about a possible Olympic boycott over China’s Tibet problem.
I understand why nobody is calling for a boycott, don’t get me wrong. the amount of money that’s tied up in this thing is nearly unfathomable. if George Bush were to declare a U.S. boycott, the Chinese would be pissed for a long, long time. still, the possiblity that the French might do it, and with the French maybe a couple of other European governments, makes for political fireworks. deserved ones.
fucking French, man. they’re awesome. they’re like bay area liberals, only with spine. 


see that? protester who ran onto the field at the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece while the Chinese envoy was speaking. and he was French, I hear. way to go, French guy.