they’re coming to get you, Barbara

“prodigal son” by the Stones is a really kick ass tune. last summer, when I drove back from California, we took U.S. 50 across Nevada. we listened to Beggars Banquet like three times that night. it took us five good hours to cross it, starting east of Reno at about 7 pm.

it’s so wide open out there you could get out and literally sit in the road and take pictures. so that’s what I did! it looked like this.

I’m told 50 in Nevada is called the loneliest road in America, and I gotta say, if it isn’t, it’s gotta be in the running. there was next to nothing for about 350 miles. it got very dark near Austin, which was about thirty buildings on either side of the road going up a hill along a stretch of road that’s 25 mph, and I stopped the truck and got out and we sat on the hood for a few minutes. very dark. very quiet. lots of stars. and it felt like tempting fate to do that.

we stayed in Ely, at a hotel/casino that had a jailhouse theme. does it have a … yep. it has a website. it was a Friday night when we pulled in, and every jackass in 80 miles was on about two blocks of this two stoplight town. not pleasant. Austin was much cooler.


it’s raining outside. spring is coming on, and you can feel it. I have the window open so I can, uh, join the fun. the other night, when I was coming in, it had to have been like 55 degrees, which felt so warm for the middle of the night. the middle seasons are the best; spring and fall always feel like something’s about to happen. winter and summer are one-trick ponies. fuck you, winter!

my landlord wanted to show the apartment at 1:15 today, so I made sure I was awake and got lost. I went through three bookstores on the downtown mall looking for that Baudrillard book I mentioned about a month ago. but no dice still, so I’m probably just gonna order it online. anyway. it was overcast today, but too warm to be dreary, so I ended up at this diner, Mel’s. where I got a cheeseburger to go. which was kick ass. that cheeseburger was delicious.

sometimes, you just gotta cruise, man.


I actually took a second a little a while ago and watched the Obama speech from yesterday. the race speech. apparently it ran a long time, and I only watched about ten minutes of it. but what I saw of it was pretty good. the man, far and a way, is the most personally appealing of the three candidates left. and if he means half of what he says, then he’d be a wonderful president.


my brother and I are trying to score tickets to a NCAA game. there’s one in DC this weekend. also, Indiana is preparing for its cleansing, righteous tear through the tournament. by probably losing to Arkansas in the first round (update: they lost to Arkansas). I’m due at the sports editor’s for hamburgers and basketball tomorrow. it’s gonna be a great day off.