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the cholesterol business

drugs that don’t work are bad drugs.


a perfect feeling

I was fucking up like crazy tonight at work. had to tear half of the front page down at 10 pm. the results were not pretty, and I was desperately late, but the end result? actually a good-looking front page. I’m sure they’ll hate it tomorrow, but what can you do.
late, too late for the paper, the police scanner started talking about someone shooting at cars on the interstate west of town, out in the woods and the mountains. lots of cars hit, lots of emergency calls. police were putting out an all points bulletin for the shooter when I left.
I mean, that’s some scary shit. what the hell is wrong with someone like that?

I haven’t been in a good mood today, this March 26. I will not forget it.

that giant militia in Iraq is getting riled up. that shit can go off the hook over there really quick. 60,000 militiamen is a lot of militiamen. imagine if there was a heavily armed, well-organized militia here, and local government across the entire country was equivalent to modern Gary, Indiana.
it’s like that. that’s how I’d describe it.

and speaking of heavily armed, well-organized militias. the drug cartels in Mexico are intense. 22 people dead in Juarez over the weekend. Juarez is right next to El Paso, to put it in perspective.

holly holy love

I heard Hillary Clinton apparently said she ran from sniper fire on a Bosnian tarmac when she was the first lady. but then, somebody looked the footage up, and she was met by a waiting, open-air government delegation. she apologized and said she misspoke, and in the radio report I heard about it, she laughed and said it was a long campaign.

I also heard she said about Barack Obama and all of this stupid bullshit about his pastor: “he wouldn’t have been my pastor.”

these aren’t supposed to be knocks on Clinton in particular. but the fact that someone bothered to look up some stupid bullshit she said in passing about Bosnia, and then farther, the fact that people actually care what Barack Obama’s pastor thinks about the September 11 attacks … as far as I’m concerned, they’re perfect examples of why presidential politics are so absurd. shit, the priest at my family’s church protests in front of Planned Parenthood weekly. and I am all about planning parenthood.
what constitutes a political scandal says an awful lot about the country it happened in, and American political scandals are just so fucking ridiculous half of the time that I find it embarrasing how stupid we must look. this isn’t a defense of Bill Clinton or his policies, but the man was impeached by the House of Representatives becaused he perjured himself while discussing the Monica Lewinsky affair. wait, no, let’s say this in layman’s terms. he lied about fucking an intern. and the stunning evidence that he had lied was a cum stain on her dress. we had grown men and women discussing this on television and in the newspapers. and they were serious about it. Bill Clinton’s cum stain.

Nicolas Sarkozy has said that France will keep all options on the table about a possible Olympic boycott over China’s Tibet problem.
I understand why nobody is calling for a boycott, don’t get me wrong. the amount of money that’s tied up in this thing is nearly unfathomable. if George Bush were to declare a U.S. boycott, the Chinese would be pissed for a long, long time. still, the possiblity that the French might do it, and with the French maybe a couple of other European governments, makes for political fireworks. deserved ones.
fucking French, man. they’re awesome. they’re like bay area liberals, only with spine. 


see that? protester who ran onto the field at the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece while the Chinese envoy was speaking. and he was French, I hear. way to go, French guy.

nova scotia

Indiana lost this weekend. I was pretty upset. I’m just going to go ahead and admit that.

I am at home. there are two killer movies on the tube: “The Hunt for Red October” and “The Goonies.”
this is the perfect storm of movies that are better when you watch them on a video you recorded of an earlier television viewing. so that you have to fast forward through the dated commercials and adjust the tracking a lot.
this is how I first saw “The Road Warrior” at Spencer’s house when we were like, 9. Spencer one day was all like, “yo man. check this out.” and I remember watching it, and because I knew it was Spencer’s dad who had recorded it off of television, I held him in awe: how awesome or crazy an adult must be to actually watch this kind of shit.

and oh man, this commercial for “The Forbidden Kingdom” just came on. it’s some big Hong Kong-looking action feature with Jet Li and Jackie Chan, and it’s gonna be the bomb diggity. it’s just, wire stunts and over-the-top costumes and lots of hair and bad lines and it’s gonna rule. this comes out soon. I am pumped.

my landlord keeps showing my apartment.
I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m thinking about signing the lease. it’ll be a 12 month lease, but it can be broken. and it’s looking more and more like I’m not going to be ready to go anywhere by the end of May, I seriously don’t want to have to look for another apartment in Charlottesville. so I should just sign again and start planning on getting out of here instead of leaving on an arbitrary date.

I feel like I should be using bullet points. I have absolutely no flow anymore. just a paragraph break, and a new thought. that’s what you get when it’s quantity over quality.  

I took a day off yesterday and drove to DC to hang out with my brother. we watched the WVU/Duke game at a bar on Capitol Hill, early in the day. it was a good game. all I remember is we watched a lot of basketball, and put at least six bucks into the juke box. woo!
today was Easter, and I was suprised at how many businesses were open. I always kind of assumed it would get the Christmas treatment. but it’s funny how the holiest day in the Christian calendar just kind of rolls off most people’s backs. everyone goes fucking batshit for Christmas, but not Easter. Easter’s heavy! Pontius Pilate has Christ killed, and he gets up again two days later! miracles, man!
my neice has been christened, but my brother and va aren’t especially religious. he told me, once, that it’s just a cool way to tie someone to a family, which I have to agree with. I’m not really into the whole faith thing, but the Orthodox religion is a beautiful one, in its own way. the ceremony of it is interesting.
also, being part of the Orthodox church is, at least, something to talk about at a cocktail party if you’re completely out of other banter.
“Let me tell you about my god.” you ever lead with that?

be kind

I watched about three basketball games today, over at a sports editor’s house. that motherfucker likes his hoops. as do I, but that’s a lot of games. I will say, though, I really like watching the college hoops tournament every March. I think it’s right up there with the Super Bowl and the World Series, in terms of sheer entertainment.
sports editors are a personality type, I feel. generally amiable people. they’re just like everyone else you’ve ever bullshitted about sports with, only they’re typically better informed. and will know a million more random details about the game than you do. like: do you know how many fouls it is in the college game for the one-and-one and the double bonus? the sports editor usually does. also, they know who played for Syracuse five years ago. that kind of shit. the kings and queens of sports trivia.

ok. he’s married. he and his wife are both very nice, my age, and they’re married and they have a house, with a mortgage, and a dog. it’s kind of funny, seeing how other people end up.
she’s a teacher, and it was funny; mom’s a teacher, and she always comes home from work describing her students and talking about the ridiculous shit they come up to her with. and she repeats these stories, until she expects you know each one by name, just from hearing about them. well, the editor’s wife, she does this, too. she relates the samesuch stories, only she’s my age and has my age-appropriate sense of humor.
they also introduced me to a friend of theirs, who seems pretty cool. I met her once before, when, of course, we watched a college basketball game a month ago. we don’t cross paths very much, but I’ve only just noticed this.
they live in Crozet. which, now that I’ve seen it, I really like. if I were looking to buy a house in the Charlottesville area, it’d be out there. plenty of room, right on the steps of the mountains. it’s very pretty. but, today was very pretty. it was windy, but with high clouds and lots of sun. a nice day for March.
I’m quite looking forward for May, though. I expect May will be very nice. so will April. best month of the year. 

tomorrow Indiana plays, and I’ll be at work for about twelve hours, I suspect. and that’s a long day.
I feel like I’m getting older, in some way. it’s only just barely, but I’m starting to look at and for community, not just amusement.

they’re coming to get you, Barbara

“prodigal son” by the Stones is a really kick ass tune. last summer, when I drove back from California, we took U.S. 50 across Nevada. we listened to Beggars Banquet like three times that night. it took us five good hours to cross it, starting east of Reno at about 7 pm.

it’s so wide open out there you could get out and literally sit in the road and take pictures. so that’s what I did! it looked like this.

I’m told 50 in Nevada is called the loneliest road in America, and I gotta say, if it isn’t, it’s gotta be in the running. there was next to nothing for about 350 miles. it got very dark near Austin, which was about thirty buildings on either side of the road going up a hill along a stretch of road that’s 25 mph, and I stopped the truck and got out and we sat on the hood for a few minutes. very dark. very quiet. lots of stars. and it felt like tempting fate to do that.

we stayed in Ely, at a hotel/casino that had a jailhouse theme. does it have a … yep. it has a website. it was a Friday night when we pulled in, and every jackass in 80 miles was on about two blocks of this two stoplight town. not pleasant. Austin was much cooler.

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delicious oranges

today is St. Patrick’s Day. happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Alisha is apparently pretty close to accepting a job in France. as a nanny for a year. and now she’s getting cold feet. she seems to think the choice between 1. living in Chicago with her friends and 2. living in France with a guaranteed job for one year, is one that she should get really upset about. I don’t get it.
no, that’s not true, I get it, but really. Chicago or France? it can’t be that bad.

the NCAA tournament bracket was announced today. Indiana plays Arkansas on Friday, and if they manage to win that, they almost definitely get North Carolina on Sunday. which they’ll probably lose. after all, this is in Raleigh, and the best basketball team in the country needs all the help it can get. so why not let UNC play in Raleigh?
anyway, Stubhub says shitty tickets cost between $120 and $250. and I don’t actually go, one of the sports editors is a huge UNC fan, so I’m going to talk shit all week. I’ll make the assumption tht Indiana can beat Arkansas, and I’ll talk awful, nonsensical shit. and if they lose, so be it. I will have represented my alma mater with a complete lack of dignity.
I’m just saying. I have to work friday and sunday, anyway.

in world news, the Chinese government has given Tibetans involved in last week’s violent protest an ultimatum, to turn themselves in by today. also, at least 13 and maybe more than 80 people have been killed. watching China have to present a measured response to a nationalist movement within its recognized borders is awesome, because they can’t just completely crush it. oh god do you know they want to, but they can’t. but they might anyway.
because if they do, the floodgates of criticism will open up. and I want to see the political and economic fallout from an Olympics boycott. I really do, I want to see it. so, fuck them.

and that’s it. that, is, it.

guess what Schwarzenegger movie this is from

here we are again, bro. just you and me. same kind of moon, same kind of jungle.
real number ten tonight, remember? whole platoon, 32 men chopping through meat and we’d walk out just you and me, and nobody else … right on top of them. not a scratch, not a fuckin’ scratch and you know the one that got you? he’ll come back again and when he does I’ma cut your name right into him.
I’m goin’ cut your name into him.

it’s from “Predator.” yes!

and also, it’s totally awesome that they sing “long tall Sally” in this movie because that song rules, hard. show me someone who doesn’t like this song and I will show you someone who is dumb – by showing you the same person and thus completing the circle.

yeah, yeah, free Tibet, I know

I have opinions on a lot of regimes around the world, but few of them I would say I actually like. I’d say that by and large, the best you’re going to get from me is an ‘indifferent.’ that’s how I feel about the U.S. government, for instance. Canada, the same.

I don’t like the Chinese government, though. really. through and through. don’t like it. I don’t trust it, don’t like the way it behaves, and I think it’s total bullshit that it gets to host the Olympics.
the Chinese government flagrantly abuses the people it’s supposed to represent. it has tacitly supported a genocide in Africa for its own economic benefit. it has the gall to accuse the United States of human rights abuses. and now it gets to use the games as a massive PR stunt to clean up its own image.
so with that said, I’m deeply interested in how Beijing plans to handle violent street protests against its unwanted rule in the Lhasa, the capital of the ‘Tibet Autonomous Region.’
you know, I hope those motherfuckers raise a huge stink over there. and I almost hope that tomorrow there’s wire photos of riot police straight working monks in the streets. if ever there were a time to take a beating for the international press, now sure seems like a good time.

Store owner asks to see shoppers’ Social Security cards