I just roasted a chicken and made brownies, and the brownies and the chicken are delicious. brownies. 

“once in a lifetime,” Talking Heads.
Spencer and I went to the beach once when we were in like, 8th grade. 8th grade? let’s count: we watched a bunch of World Cup matches. World Cup is every four years. 2006. 02. 98. that means, summer of 1998, I’m, fifteen? so that means the summer between 8th and 9th grade.
this was in Delaware. Delaware. it’s just kind of, you know. it’s Delaware. the place with no sales tax that stops you when you’re on 95 to hit you up for about two bucks. Delaware sucks.
but not entirely. Delaware has some nice, quiet beaches. like Rehoboth Beach, where we stayed. a beach is a beach is a beach.
we were there for about a week, Spencer and I and his mom. who was always very nice to me when I was younger. one night, Spencer’s mom dropped us off down in Maryland, and we saw a movie. “the Truman Show.” and so I was driving home earlier tonight, and this song came on, and I thought about that. Spencer, his mom, “The Truman Show” on the beach.
the first four bars of that song, it sounds like water. it makes me want to do something with my life. right now, I feel like I’m just working on my carpal tunnel syndrome.

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  1. Anonymous on

    well I’m working on a heart attack so you aren’t doing too bad.

  2. Eric on

    well if you want a break you know you’ll always have a place to crash in dublin! mary too

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