bad emails

I got a couple of more songs.

“no rain” by Blind Melon. I was, what, 10, when this song was popular. the summer after my parents divorced and dad had custody of us while he worked, me and Mar were under the watchful eye of an ex neighbor. it sucked, if I remember correctly. but she had a 17-year-old niece from Roanoke who was living with her, and the 17-year-old niece used to play it, all the time.

“sleeping lessons,” the Shins. I think of two places.

in 2007 I interviewed at the North County Times, a decent-sized Suburban paper north of San Diego. I drove the 90 minutes up to Escondido, and was late. it was just an unbelievably beautiful day. it was the kind of day that makes southern California is worth it.
anyway, the interview kind of sucked – since this paper is a group of local editions, I was grilled by a committee of regional editors. and the guy with the most pressing need to fill a spot was in Temecula, which is farther up north along the highway, back in Riverside County, and inland. and I wanted to live in Oceanside. because how bomb-ass awesome would that have been? so I was polite and shook hands, hit the road, and eventually stopped answering the guy’s phone calls. I felt Temecula, as opposed to Escondido or Oceanside, would have been awful.
but I digress. after I left, I had to drive back to El Centro, which is like the wild fucking west compared to places like Escondido, and I listened to this on the Interstate. the one between El Centro and San Diego, in the mountains. mountains are pretty in Southern California. the scenery goes from serious desert to Mediterranean very quickly.

the other instance was driving into this Mexican resort town with Greg.

Greg and I had a good time. we smoked Raleigh cigarettes. the Mexican resort town looked like this:


also, Josh pointed this out to me. about the McCain campaign calling out Barack Obama for pledging to use public funding if his Republican opponent does. which McCain would do, to kick the legs out of Obama’s fundraising juggernaut and level the playing field.

nice little dig at the nuts there, McCain, I’ll give it to you. the general election is going to be hysterical. it’s going to be Obama, probably, against the stodgiest cracker in a field of ramrod-straight Republican candidates. I swear to god, McCain looks like he could explode or collapse at any moment. so if has a heart attack from getting too angry during a debate, then I called it here first.


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  1. ashley on

    “No Rain” is a good song to listen to when you’re sad and in a contemplative mood.

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