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I know what’s in the special sauce

it’s mostly mayonaisse.

it has been brought to my attention that “a lot of people” at Dagwood’s read the blog. Dagwood’s is where I worked so many months ago in college. it was fun. there wasn’t much to it; I ate my weight in sandwiches, drove around and listened to music and got tips. and ate sandwiches. perfect student job.

I know of two people who read up on this. one person’s name starts with L. the other, B. I think. but that’s all. if anyone else is out there, and would like to identify themselves with intials, feel free. I’ll literally spend anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour puzzling over them.

I did this once before, this shot-in-.the-dark who-reads-this kind of thing. a guy I know who was once, long ago in Chicago responded and Spencer pretended to be Paris Hilton.  after that stunning reaction, I shelved the interaction thing. but, here we are again. so holla back. or don’t, and prove Mar wrong. either way, this will still sound like a desperate cry for help. and that’s not keeping Mar up.


I gotta stop being so melodramatic

the Bears beat Green Bay for the second time this season. they were eliminated last week, and the next best thing from Chicago actually fielding a decent team is beating Green Bay twice.
and as is the case, Jay Mariotti wrote a column about how the victory doesn’t mean anything and that the Bears still suck.
all I have to say to that is “fuck you, killjoy. and please please please go cover another team.”

ok. and I’m going on vacation next week. so tomorrow, after work, I’m heading to dad’s house, and then back to Charlottesville on the 26th for another day of copy editing. and then I fly out, and it’s Chicago by way of Florida. so I’ll take lots of pictures. of course!

you don’t want to know how I feel about that

it has become somewhat of a tradition in the family that I write the chintzy, asshole Christmas letter that mom mails out once a year. which is fun, cause mom has a really good sense of humor about it, and I’m allowed to write just about whatever I want. within reason. of course.

its growing harder to write, as I really don’t know what’s going on with everyone on a daily basis anymore. I’m no longer a regular Valparaiso fixture, so a lot of the stuff I add about moms and grandma and my uncle is second hand. so their entries suffer a little. nevertheless, it’s still entertaining. enough that I’m preserving it here, in eternal WordPress memory.

so, here it is, sans last names. got to make a halfhearted attempt at privacy, after all.

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politics will make my head explode

here’s a good article that sums up why I think President Bush is a dirty, no-good sonofabitch.
and now, to quote liberally:

Bush’s steadfast stand against Democratic spending, coupled with his equally resolute opposition to tax increases, could raise the federal debt this fiscal year by nearly $240 billion. As Democrats struggle to meet his demands, they are jettisoning renewable-energy and conservation incentives that Bush championed, and they may ax some of his most cherished programs.


White House officials — and virtually every other Republican in Congress — are not about to apologize. “The Democrats are learning this isn’t the early 1970s, when the Republican Party was Gerald Ford and 140 of his friends,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R – asshole), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “There are 201 of us, and we will be heard.”


oh. and oh, wait. there’s more.

The war money would not be tied to troop withdrawals, as Democrats want. But it would let Democrats wrap up their long-unfinished budget work and go on vacation before Christmas. It also would spare them from being criticized by Bush during the holiday recess for leaving work without providing money for the troops.

god, what an irresponsible piece of shit. and god, are the Democrats worthless. roll over and lie prone, all of you. only 11 more months until you’re voted out of office again.

the same thing as yesterday with Democrats


live blog. edit: now with pictures!

I’m late because baseball is announcing to everyone that its players use steroids and HGH. surprise!
ooh, CNN is skipping the baseball bullshit.
hey, no Kucinich. this will be a lot less funny in his absence.

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everything you ever wanted to know about your Republican presidential candidates


I wouldn’t call this “liveblogging.” a lot of this is without commentary. obviously, this is all filtered through my eyes and ears, but you’re so very welcome; here’s the Tuesday GOP debate.

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in the summer of 2002, myself, Andrew and Kyle loaded a cooler full of Cokes and ice and a couple of lawn chairs and a frisbee. got in the car, and went to Grant Park. it was July 3rd. this is when the Taste of Chicago is going on. it’s a pretty big festival. lots of food, greasy food, pretty expensive.
we staked out some grass, a few sidewalks away from Lake Shore Drive. a good view of the harbor, and waited. we were super early.
it was a long day. we drank all the Coke and played a lot of frisbee. ate a lot of food.
by 9 p.m., the place was bumping. I bet there was a couple hundred thousand people in Grant Park that night. and me, and Andrew and Kyle among. Kyle didn’t talk much.

so all of us, we  just watched the fireworks.