more newz you can uze

first off. I was thinking about it.
if they don’t fire Charlie Weiss’ ass after his next loss, Notre Dame will have some ‘splaining to do. I mean, jesus touchdown christ. without that football team, it’s just another socially conservative catholic school in one of the most bland cities in the midwest. is Weiss going to bring northern Indiana down with him?

next up. this shit is fucking awesome.
the State Department granted those Blackwater guards immunity from prosecution after last month’s, uh, indiscretions in Baghdad. nice.

and lastly. this is how a James Bond film starts.
Somali pirates hijacked a Japanese ship loaded with what the U.S. government calls “a known human carcinogen.” then, they headed for the coast.
jesus. this is too ridiculous to actually happen, but just imagine what a Somali warlord would do with a couple hundred thousand gallons of “a known human carcinogen.”


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  1. ashley on

    “jesus touchdown christ”

    what the heck? you crack me up.

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