I miss you, football

I got off early (11:30) tonight.
so I stopped at 7-Eleven and bought beer, and, lo and behold, Auburn is at LSU and it’s close.

LSU is good. let’s start there.
it was a good fourth. lead traded a few times. and then, Auburn is up one with nine seconds to go, and nobody’s using their timeouts. Tuberville is sitting on two timeouts, and LSU is on their 18. something like that. and then, LSU lines up, and the clock’s still running, and they don’t spike it.
with nine seconds on the clock, down by a point, LSU goes for it from 15 or 18 yards out, and the motherfucker catches it. the clock hit .01. if he had dropped that, game over.
they were down one, mind you, which means that all they had to do was kick it and they win. from like 30 yards out.

Les Miles. the balls on that motherfucker.

so I was looking at air fare to Europe. hypothetically, Chicago to Dublin. if I bought a ticket now for a few months out? it’s only a couple hundred bucks.
where’s my passport. spoken like a statement.