the great sea


anybody know where this is? Mar? 

a couple of things.

I’m watching “Ghost Ship.” it’s got Gabriel Byrne, Karl Urban and that black guy who got kicked off of “Grey’s Anatomy” for calling one of his co-stars a fag. it’s pretty run of the mill, but I could stand a scary movie. it’s fucking hot outside, man. in what’s pretty near late October. god damned global warming.

for every paper, you gotta put together these refers that float above the masthead. they call them skyboxes. usually it’s for the community section, or to a high school football feature. it’s always football, though. rarely if ever is it a girls’ sport.
but tonight, they had a photographer at the UVa women’s soccer match, so I made a skybox out of one. guess what the other one was?

birth control pills. it was about birth control.
and if that doesn’t piss at least one reader off, then I don’t know newspapers.

 lastly, I feel like traveling again. I got the itch.


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  1. Anonymous on

    Pete Stark = Crusty old cuss.

    Miss you! -Ashley (L)

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