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I don’t know how to clearly integrate this idea into the post, but I’m not thinking clearly, and hence, nothing flows, from here on out. but anyway.

Turkey is making a big ol’ stink about a slight in the U.S. Congress, and when it does that, it fucks with the war effort!

Turkey has withdrawn its ambassador to the United States because the House subcommittee on Foreign Affairs voted 27-21 to label the genocide committed by Ottoman Turks against the Armenian minority during the Great War as “genocide.”

I mean, they’re actually fucking marching over there about this.

like, protesting outside of American consulates.

I heard a quote on BBC Radio last night, that was something like, “this is less about fact than it is about national pride at this point.” which is awesome, because it’s so ridiculous. this isn’t a person with a neurosis harboring some secret guilt. really. wrap your mind around that. an entire nation is intentionally denying this, and the way they talk about it, they’re the ones who feel slighted.

now, where this actually ends up, I’m interested in seeing. the administration needs a nice, calm, predictable Turkey for its war effort over there, and this does nothing to help that. at the same time, you have to wonder if the Turkish reaction will have any effect on the vote scheduled in Congress; will threats from Ankara get Democrats to change their mind?

and as far as the Democrats go; they aren’t willful idiots. they have to know the repercussions this shit will have in the Iraq theater. so whether that has anything to do with it will probably be determined by whether or not the vote goes through. I gotta say that I’d be surprised if this was planned. the fucking Democrats actually made an impact on the Iraq war after roughly ten months of talking shit and inactivity? no. ineptitude doesn’t just pass away in the night like that, and the Democrats are the dictionary definition of ineptitude, so that can’t be the answer.

either way, I want it to play out. just so I can see it play out. we need something better on the news networks. so do it for me, Democrats. open up the Kurdish border to incursions from a second world military force. it was entirely too calm up there to beging with. it’ll make for better TV, and I’m growing tired of hearing about Britney Spears’ custody battle. Larry King was interviewing Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-husband last night. come on, honestly, who gives a fuck?


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  1. Ashley (L) on
  2. ashley on

    of course their rioting…turkish people have always been crazy. You know, they were just like the romans, wanting to take over everything. A kingdom is not enough, you gotta have an empire, you know?

    Plus, they’re my people…I love their antics.

  3. matt on

    fair enough. and I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but it’s pretty embarrassing when you have the entire population rallying in support of a revised history to hide a nation’s shame.
    that’s not a knock on you. that’s a knock on the Turkish government, mind you.

  4. ashley on

    yeah, I understand that…and I’ve learned about the armenian genocide thing before.

    But from experience I know that Turkish people are just so damn stubborn!

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