Greg coined a new word

you know, I really, really hate watching “Sportscenter” when under the influence, of anything. because you think really hard about what you’re watching – not the sports, but the way it’s packaged and fed to you like you’re an idiot – the LCD beer ads between segments. pitches for Hummer. military recruitment commercials. video games.

I had a “conversation” with your man Greg tonight. during work.

me 8:19 pm: guess who got his 1st official warning today
Greg 9:29 pm: always the instigator Matt. if they can’t handle your badassity, fuck em.
m 9:34 pm: Im so glad you understand, Greg. finally somebody gets me!
G 9:39 pm: G’s up, hoes down. Same as it ever was. They dont know who they’re messing with.
G 9:42 pm: But try not to go niland all over their asses. unless necessary
m 9:43 pm: Im gonna start saying ‘badassity’ regularly.
G 9:46 pm: And the world will be illuminated
m 9:48 pm: and i’m using niland as a verb with an ambiguous definition.
G 9:52 pm: If youve ever been there, you can assume it implies the malicious use of a screwdriver
m 9:54 pm: Yeah. that or ‘death by methamphetamine’
G 10:00 pm: Lol not a bad way to go

yeah, that’s right. L O flippin’ L.