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Greg coined a new word

you know, I really, really hate watching “Sportscenter” when under the influence, of anything. because you think really hard about what you’re watching – not the sports, but the way it’s packaged and fed to you like you’re an idiot – the LCD beer ads between segments. pitches for Hummer. military recruitment commercials. video games.

I had a “conversation” with your man Greg tonight. during work.

me 8:19 pm: guess who got his 1st official warning today
Greg 9:29 pm: always the instigator Matt. if they can’t handle your badassity, fuck em.
m 9:34 pm: Im so glad you understand, Greg. finally somebody gets me!
G 9:39 pm: G’s up, hoes down. Same as it ever was. They dont know who they’re messing with.
G 9:42 pm: But try not to go niland all over their asses. unless necessary
m 9:43 pm: Im gonna start saying ‘badassity’ regularly.
G 9:46 pm: And the world will be illuminated
m 9:48 pm: and i’m using niland as a verb with an ambiguous definition.
G 9:52 pm: If youve ever been there, you can assume it implies the malicious use of a screwdriver
m 9:54 pm: Yeah. that or ‘death by methamphetamine’
G 10:00 pm: Lol not a bad way to go

yeah, that’s right. L O flippin’ L.



Tony Snow resigned. the new press secretary is just cute as a button, though. the White House has got it figured out. Scott McClellan, that slob, was just plain unpleasant to look at. so they pulled in a television anchor, and then a pretty lady. this makes the news that the Justice Department is granting major telecommunications companies immunity from prosecution after they turn my phone records over to the government much more palatable.