Europe doesn’t know, man

so yeah, man, Europe’s almost done.
went to Vienna yesterday for the day. wasn’t bad. freezing cold, very clean. while I can understand everything a little better – I took german, and it’s a romance language – I prefer Hungary a little more. dirtier. cheaper. less touristy.
I did the entire day in flip flops I bought at a mall in Budapest, which didn’t go very well. they rubbed the wrong way, and I got some rough scars on the tops of my feet. I’ll always remember Austria.

Mar and I are staying with her homeboy from the university. Irish guy named Eric. real nice guy, riding his bike back to Ireland in the next few weeks. that’s like, what, couple hundred miles?
he’s sitting next to me, looking out the window and eating Gummi Bears. he’s wearing a Cardinals t-shirt, though he wasn’t aware of where that team plays until I told him. also, he doesn’t drink.
he’s an Irish guy who doesn’t drink. one in a million?

there’s a pretty good chance I lost my phone while over here, which pisses me off to no end. I had it when we left for Romania and Bulgaria. I left it one of the bags we kept here; jammed it in a side pocket. I went back looking for it, and it’s not there. which means I put it somewhere else. god damn it.
bad time to lose it. had a lot of numbers on that shit, man. and I’m moving far away. not easy to talk to anyone with a land line. maybe this is a sign, time to ditch the cell. yes?

tonight, Mar says we’re getting goulash. Hungary likes goulash. okay, Mar.

and, I bought “Non-Fiction” by Palahniuk, which I’m giving a mixed review right now. he gets a lot of press because of who he is, but he realizes that, so it makes him a bit less despicable. also, he’s pretty fucking funny.

alright. Chicago tomorrow. I’ve put the word out; I’d like mom to bring a White Castle to the airport. White Castle didn’t make it to Europe, or hasn’t yet. how very sad. Burger Kings, the obvious McDonalds, Subway, but no White Castle. these motherfuckers just don’t know, man.


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  1. Ashley on

    They do have Arby’s in Europe, which I find amusing.

    White Castle just doesn’t float my boat.

  2. Anonymous on

    south america is europe to today’s generation, much as the peace corps is a way to find yourself to hipsters.

  3. Anonymous on

    German is not a romance language

    come on!

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