Matt has a camera

random stuff. I tried to put more up, but Blogger is being a real asshole about it.
so yes. more later.
what pays the bills.
this gorilla can’t believe the deals Suzuki has on new automobiles.if my 23 years on this earth have taught me anything, it’s that chicks dig it when you roll your pants up.

Dog Pound and Jacknife. they earned those nicknames the hard way: on the streets.

this is from the end of the rock pier I walked out on.
this is Oceanside. the first time I’ve seen the Pacific. oh, and that’s some dude who’s going surfing.

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  1. Ashley on

    Oceanside is nice…but my VERY favorite beaches are La Jolla Shores, Del Mar and Torrey Pines.

    Oh, and you might enjoy Blacks Beach (the nudist beach).

    That’s so weird that you live in California now! It’s tripping me out!

  2. Anonymous on

    Beautiful shots, Matty. I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. Let’s talk soon.


  3. Ashley on

    oh, and these remind me of the times I go to the beach to just be silent, sit and watch the sun go down.

    It’s a masterpiece, isn’t it?

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